4 Ways to Make the Most of a Collaborative Workspace

Having a WeWork office has allowed me to have a better work-life balance.


When your work isn’t bound to an office, work days can look something like this: Working from my couch in my pajamas or commandeering a spot in a coffee shop.

But staying cooped up in your house has its downsides, as does hanging out in cafés, including one that put up a sign reading: “Please limit your stay to 90 minutes to give other patrons the opportunity to enjoy the café.” (I am determined I am the reason the sign was put up.)

I finally decided it was time to pull the trigger: It was time to get an office, have a place to meet clients, and create more of a routine. I always talk about the importance of routine with my clients—maybe I should practice what I preach?

So here I am, a few months into my membership at WeWork. The best thing I’ve discovered about the experience so far is that having an office has allowed me to have a better work-life balance.

Here are 4 tips on how to make the most out of your own experience in a collaborative workspace.

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1. Connect With People

There are hundreds of members in each WeWork building and so much opportunity to connect and collaborate with people. The first person I met when I moved in owns a business that has so many synergies with my business.

“I’ve done business with so many people in my building! From my trademarking lawyer to brands with whom I’ve co-sponsored events, there are so many synergies to be unearthed when you get to know your neighbors,” says WeWork Soho West member Liz Wilkes.

2. Take Mental and Physical Breaks

It’s so easy to get caught up in your work, look up, and realize that you’ve been staring at your computer for five hours. Be sure to catch a break. Take a walk around the neighborhood, or do some stretches or light yoga. Make the most of the workshops that WeWork offers members. Pop into the wellness room for a short meditation. WeWork spaces are all about accommodating your needs, so take advantage of it!

3. Create a Space That Feels Like Your Own

If you have a private space, WeWork provides you with a desk, chair, and filing cabinet—then it’s your turn to create a space that’s unique to you and your business. Design a welcoming environment for you, your clients, and your guests. Add plants, a rug, or lighting to make the space more comfortable.

“My white noise machine is a lifesaver!” says WeWork West Broadway member, Hana Ayoub. “It’s subtle, discrete, and muffles the noise enough to offer me and my clients some privacy while still letting in the liveliness of the office.”

4. Pack Your Own Food

Instead of spending money on Postmates, make food at home and bring it into the office. Or stop by a local grocer and keep the fridge stocked with your easy-to-prep breakfast or lunch items. This is your time to save money on food while also finding lunch buddies. There’s always lots of food in the fridges, so you’re certainly not alone in prepping food in advance.

This guest post by Harper Spero was originally published on WeWork’s Creator Magazine and has been revised for Freshbooks.

Harper Spero

Written by Harper Spero, Business and Career Transition Coach

Posted on January 3, 2018