Welcome to the Accounting Partner Program

The latest arrival from FreshBooks is focused on creating higher-revenue futures for accountants and their clients.

The key to solidifying a financially sound future is guidance from a trusted advisor. Despite the volume of businesses that need this kind of support, there is still a disconnect. Business owners and accounting professionals are both spending too much time on the books, and not enough time strategizing how to scale their businesses.

Our FreshBooks customers are determined and inspired. They want to work with an accountant, but aren’t a fit for just any firm. So we created an effective way to connect them with high-caliber firms that are equally entrepreneurial.

We designed the FreshBooks Accounting Partner Program (APP) to connect innovative firm owners with both the FreshBooks platform and our business customers. Underpinning it all is what we call a collaborative accounting approach.

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Business owners are able to utilize the very user-friendly FreshBooks platform for a segment of day-to-day bookkeeping tasks. This allows the accountant to shift focus toward bigger-picture items like:

  • Forecasting and budgeting
  • Exposure to risk
  • Investment opportunities
  • Exploring new market tactics, and more

The end result is a business that is better positioned to face current economic challenges. Additionally, an accountant who is able to grow their advisory role.

What Is the Accounting Partner Program?

At its core, the program is a collaborative community. It benefits both accountants and business owners. After all, they share similar goals.

Partners gain access to:

  • Innovative tools and technology
  • Personalized education and certification
  • Dedicated support
  • Client discounts
  • Referral bonuses, and more

The FreshBooks platform makes this collaborative accounting approach possible—a software that businesses already use, trust, and love.

“When business owners have access to technology they’re comfortable with, accounting professionals get timely data that enables them to provide so much more than bookkeeping or compliance support,” said Twyla Verhelst, CPA and head of FreshBooks’ Accounting Partner Program. “Businesses benefit immensely when their accounting partners offer forward-looking analysis and advice. It sets the stage for success.”

The program also aims to improve the lives of accounting professionals. APP provides the tools needed for their clients to easily navigate their day-to-day financial operations, freeing up time for accountants to focus on providing higher-value services to their clients.

Additionally, it serves as a networking platform. APP connects its partners with FreshBooks customers who are looking for analytics reporting and business strategy from accounting professionals. As a bonus, APP partners will receive exclusive FreshBooks discounts and commissions when they recommend FreshBooks to their clients.

Who Is the Program For?

The Accounting Partner Program is best suited to accountants who are interested in the collaborative accounting model and are actively building a cloud-based practice. One in which the business owner and the accountant share more routine bookkeeping and accounting tasks.

FreshBooks’ software was built exclusively for business owners. And better yet, business owners understand and enjoy using it. As a result, the accountant is able to offload day-to-day bookkeeping and focus on financial advising and strategy. Since this model makes it that much easier to plan proactively, APP is also for accounting professionals who are investing in working with scaling businesses and want to grow alongside them.

What Sets It Apart?

The program’s major differentiators stem from how user-friendly the FreshBooks platform is for business owners. This creates a ripple effect of productivity and a smooth transition as accountants move into financial advisory roles.

The program furthers the service offerings of accounting professionals. And in turn, it provides more valuable insights to business owners. As a partner, accountants will also be able to provide product feedback and contribute to the FreshBooks feature roadmap.

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The mission of the Accounting Partner Program is to further the evolution of accounting professionals and their role as a valued part of the business owner’s team. It’s an organic extension of FreshBooks’ success and centers around the company’s 4E philosophy: “Execute extraordinary experiences everyday.”

Wrapping Up

Today’s economic landscape presents new challenges for business owners. Accountants participating in the Accounting Partner Program will be able to efficiently guide their clients through these hurdles, and provide financial advice and analysis during such a critical time.

Ultimately, we designed this program for accountants and business owners, and FreshBooks is committed to furthering the success of both partners. Curious to learn more and connect with the program? Visit the program page to apply to become a part of the Accounting Partner Program.

about the author

VP Strategic Planning, FreshBooks Matt Baker is VP Strategic Planning at FreshBooks. Matt has a long track record successfully bridging business and technology. Prior to FreshBooks, Matt was a Management Consultant at McKinsey & Company and a Senior Strategist at Google, Inc.