6 Reasons for Accounting Professionals to Get FreshBooks Certified

Did you know that you can become a FreshBooks expert in less than 4 hours? Here’s why accounting professionals recommend the FreshBooks Collaborative Accounting™ Certification.

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Is it time to add a new skill to your toolkit? When you support clients with accounting software, taking the time to level up your skills goes a long way in helping you work more efficiently and reach new customers.

As a firm or business owner, you want to be where your clients are. FreshBooks has an entire training program to help accounting professionals who work with small businesses learn the ins and outs of the platform.

Don’t just take our word for it! We asked Accounting Partners to let us know what they thought of the FreshBooks certification.

“Being FreshBooks-certified has changed the entire course of my business,” said Kate Josephine Johnson, owner of Heritage Business Services. Read on to get the full story and learn why it might be time to add another certification to your skillset.

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    What Is the FreshBooks Certification?

    The FreshBooks Collaborative Accounting Certification is an online, self-paced training program designed to give accountants and bookkeepers the tools they need to work better with their clients in FreshBooks.

    It walks you through everything you need to know about FreshBooks to serve your small business clients, from setting up your accountant access to running reports and managing your clients’ chart of accounts. It also covers the FreshBooks Collaborative Accounting™ Framework, a process that can transform the way you and your clients work together.

    (👋 Already a FreshBooks Accounting Partner? You can access the certification through the FreshBooks Academy learning management system.)

    1. It’s Made for Modern Accounting Professionals

    Are you ready to shake up the accounting industry just a little (or a lot)? The traditional way of working with clients can be transactional and impersonal. It leaves accounting professionals frustrated with chasing data and spending too many hours on basic bookkeeping work. Meanwhile, clients feel removed from their business financials and aren’t getting the insights they need to grow.

    The FreshBooks Collaborative Accounting Certification is designed for future-focused accounting professionals who want to add more value to their firm and offer clients a deeper level of service. It’s ideal if you have service-based business clients looking for guidance and more agency over their financial future.

    “Now, with Collaborative Accounting, we’re able to spend much more time nurturing the client relationship, providing advisory and not just on the financial level but also the personal level,” says Nicole Davis, CPA.

    If you’re excited to try a new, collaborative way of working with clients that’s focused on relationship-building and showcasing your value as an accounting professional, this is the certification for you.

    2. Become a FreshBooks Product Expert

    Your clients’ businesses aren’t static, and yours shouldn’t be, either. Getting your FreshBooks certification is an easy, free way to level up your skill set and keep your firm up-to-date on accounting software platforms.

    “Being FreshBooks-certified gives my clients (and prospects) peace of mind that I am not devoted entirely to only 1 company’s software,” said Susie Fergus, FreshBooks Accounting Partner. “Instead, I am customer-focused—recommending what is best for their unique business. This software is well-supported, user-friendly, and ever-evolving to meet the needs of business owners.”

    In the certification, you’ll get a walk-through of the FreshBooks platform and features, how to onboard clients to FreshBooks, and in-depth information about how the Collaborative Accounting framework works for you and your clients and how to apply it.

    Getting a deeper understanding of the software through this hands-on training allows you to optimize workflows for your clients and get the most out of the technology.

    “The best part of the certification is the insight into how the software thinks and acts,” said Megan Justice, owner of Crayon Advisory. “We’re trained to think one way by other software, and it’s not always the best, most efficient, or most business owner-centered way of thinking.”

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    3. Get Practical Hands-On Resources

    At the heart of the FreshBooks Certification are actionable tactics and resources you can use right away to start expanding your advisory practice, without adding more staff.

    The modules walk you through the platform and give you training and practical tips on product features and advisory-centric workflows via:

    • videos
    • downloadable templates and checklists
    • peer reviews
    • interactive case studies you can use with your clients

    4. Access Dedicated Accounting Support

    FreshBooks-Certified Partners get dedicated support from our Accounting Specialists, who have accounting backgrounds and know the ins and outs of the FreshBooks platform.

    But even if you haven’t completed your certification yet, the FreshBooks team is here to support you! As an Accounting Partner, you’ll be connected with your Partner Consultant, who will become your go-to person at FreshBooks.

    5. It’s Simple to Get Certified

    You’ve got enough on your plate, so we totally understand that any product certification has to work around your schedule. The entire FreshBooks Certification process takes under 4 hours, but you learn at your own pace. You can always pause and pick it back up if you need a break.

    The training is made up of modules with video lessons, so you can see how to do pretty much everything in FreshBooks. You’ll get step-by-step instructions on tasks like how to add journal entries, create an invoice, use time tracking, and do a bank reconciliation.

    You’re not a robot, so no one’s expecting you to remember every tiny detail from the certification. You can always go back to review lessons if you need a refresher.

    “The certification modules are like a library for me,” said Kate. “I know that I can’t remember everything that’s taught in each module after only one listen. But, I have a strong grasp of the overall platform, and I know I can search through the module titles when I need to be reminded of how a specific feature works or how to do a specific task.”

    “The certification is easy for me to go back and re-watch the thing I need to know or have a question about,” said Megan.

    6. Get a New Badge (And Other Free Stuff)

    One of the top reasons to complete the FreshBooks Certification really comes down to showing your clients that you’ve got the skills to back them up on a variety of accounting platforms. When you complete the training, you’ll get a badge signifying your expertise as a Collaborative AccountantTM to on your website or social media platforms.

    “Being FreshBooks Certified gives me one more way to show my clients I’m competent at what I do and with the products I use,” said Megan.

    Plus, as a certified partner, you’ll get:

    • 3 CPE credits
    • exclusive discounts for you and your clients
    • dedicated, accountant-specific support
    • data migration support
    • inclusion in the FreshBooks Certified-Partner directory

    Your First Step to Getting FreshBooks Certified…

    Ready to get started on your training? Great! The first step to getting FreshBooks certified is to become an Accounting Partner.

    From there, our team will be in touch to find out your goals and get you on your way to getting certified. I can’t wait for you to join us!

    This post was updated in October 2023.

    Alex Miles

    Written by Alex Miles, Community Manager, FreshBooks Accounting Partner Community

    Posted on November 7, 2022