New: Update All Your Client Tasks in One Place with Client Hub

Use the updated Client Hub in FreshBooks to create invoices, track time, view reports and more.

With Client Hub, FreshBooks users, like you, have been able to easily manage important client activities, like:

  • View Outstanding Revenue
  • Manage Retainers
  • Edit your client settings and contact details

But you brought to our attention that you wanted to be able to manage even more. And we agreed.

Read on to learn more about the new features added to the Client Hub.

Client Hub: What’s New?

In the updated Client Hub, now you can manage everything related to your client in one place.

client hub interface

So, what does this change mean for you? Less time wasted clicking around FreshBooks and a more streamlined workflow to manage your clients.

Continue reading to see how.

Save Time by Doing Everything in One Place

Create Invoices, Expenses, Estimates, Proposals and Projects straight from the Client Hub section using the Create New button.

For example, if you want to create and send an Invoice to a client, click the Create New button and select Invoice. No need to toggle back to the Invoices section anymore!

Stay on Top of All Your Client Activities

Below the Outstanding Revenue section, view not just Retainers but all the information related to your client. Additional tabs include:

  • Invoices: Shows a list of all invoices sent to your client, including those generated from retainers and recurring templates
  • Expenses: Provides a list of expenses charged against your client
  • Estimates: Lists all the estimates sent to your client
  • Time Tracking: Displays all time tracking entries assigned to your client
  • Projects: Keeps track of all current and past projects associated with your client
  • Reports: Helps you stay on top of all your client reporting, with a preset filter for your client

Keep Your Clients Informed of Progress

You can also keep your clients up to date on completed work or projects in progress. Share any of the following reports, as needed:

  • Client Account Statement
  • Invoice Details
  • Payments Collected
  • Retainer Summaries, if you use Retainers
  • Revenue
  • Time Entry Details

Need a Hand

As a small business owner, you know how important it is to maintain strong client relationships. And while it would be nice if your work could just speak for itself, we all know that’s rarely the case. It takes a relationship too.

We hope the new and improved Client Hub will help you save time and get back to strengthening those important client relationships.

If you have any questions about the updates to the Client Hub (or anything in between) our award-winning Support Team can give you a helping hand. Email or call 1.866.303.6061

Prefer to figure things out of your own? Check out the FAQ.

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