Meet Jules, a Web Developer, Who Streamlined Her Business Using FreshBooks

Freelance web developer Jules Webb on how FreshBooks has made it easier for her to run her business.

Jules Webb freelance web developer

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Industry: Web Development

Location: Colfax, WA, USA

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Too much time spent on manual invoicing and tracking

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FreshBooks Invoices and Time Tracking

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Sends customized invoices in minutes instead of hours

My desire to get into web development started in 2002 as a passion project. Teaming up with my late husband, we started a non-profit youth basketball program called Hooptime Basketball in our hometown of Juneau, Alaska. In order to communicate with other parents, we needed to create a website—and because of limited funds, I elected to take on the challenge of building it myself. Given that I wasn’t a freelance web developer, this project would require me to learn how to code…from scratch.

After building my first website for Hooptime Basketball, I was in love with the field and needed to find a way to really hone my skills. I enrolled in web development classes on, took a couple of college courses, and learned a lot from trial and error. I jumped into the field not knowing what to expect or how far it would take me.

In 2007, I decided to break out on my own and start a freelance business as a web developer. Under my brother’s cheeky suggestion, I called my company WebbDiva—as a play on my last name. Slightly uncomfortable with calling myself a “diva,” I decided to make the switch and brand myself under my name, Jules Webb.

Figuring out a business name was only part of the battle. I now had to learn the ropes as a solopreneur and, let me say, running a business was not my forte.

accounting beyond the spreadsheets

The Early Days of Business Meant I Had to Improvise

When I first started Jules Webb in 2007, I used Excel spreadsheets to stay on top of my business. I designed invoice templates from scratch and created spreadsheets to calculate my year-end totals. But as I took on more clients, it was harder to keep up. My spreadsheet method was no longer feasible.

Since I bill clients by the hour, I found it especially challenging to track time for each task and project. At this point, the experience became very cumbersome, and using any other timer tool just didn’t meet my needs. At the time there weren’t many options available but, after a lot of research, I found FreshBooks. That was 2008, and I haven’t looked back since.

Invaluable Service Makes Me a Long-time FreshBooks Customer

I can’t believe how much time has passed, but I’ve been a FreshBooks customer for 9 years now. From the early stages of my business to today, FreshBooks has made it easier for me to run my business.

I Can Keep Track of Important Business Information, All in One Place

My goal was to find a time tracking solution, and FreshBooks solved that problem and more. With FreshBooks, I’m not only able to track time for each project, but I’m also able to keep track of business expenses and stay on top of the health of my business. Above all, I can officially ditch my spreadsheet templates. I’m now able to customize invoices, throw on my logo and send them to my clients in minutes.

My goal was to find a time tracking solution, and FreshBooks solved that problem and more.

The Stellar FreshBooks Support Team Always Has My Back

Whenever I have a question about my account, the FreshBooks Support team always has a solution for me. Unlike other support lines, it’s never daunting or frustrating to ask for help from FreshBooks.

My most notable experience with the FreshBooks Support team was back in 2010 when my business went through a little rough patch. I was past due on a payment, so I called in explaining my situation and expecting the worst. Instead, they were understanding and said they looked forward to hearing from me when business picked back up again. The courtesy I received from the Support team that day really cemented my loyalty to FreshBooks.

I Say: Streamline the Accounting Side of Your Business with FreshBooks

Over the last 9 years, FreshBooks has helped me stay on top of my business. I’m always telling other freelancers about the benefits of FreshBooks and how it can help them stay organized too.

Recently, I was at a WordPress workshop and online accounting services came up. I was quick to chime in and recommend FreshBooks to freelancers who haven’t tried it before. FreshBooks has really answered all my business needs throughout the years. I’m at a point in my career right now where I enjoy the work-life balance I created for myself, and I look forward to bringing FreshBooks with me every step of the way.

Jules Webb

Written by Jules Webb, Freelance Contributor

Posted on February 13, 2017