12 Best FreshBooks Apps for Accountants

Use the right FreshBooks integrations and add-ons to streamline your work and boost productivity for you and your clients.

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As you evolve your accounting business, you may be looking to spend more time on valuable tasks like advisory services that enhance client experience and less on manual entry and other administrative drudgery.

One way to make that happen is to advise your clients to explore apps that can integrate with their FreshBooks accounts. These can simplify everything from payroll to scheduling to forecasting. What’s in it for you? You’ll get better data and spend less time untangling errors.

We’ve rounded up 8 FreshBooks apps that you can advise your clients to consider that will make your accounting relationship more productive.

And we didn’t forget about apps that can create efficiencies in your business and advisory services. Keep reading for 4 tools that work with FreshBooks, which can also help you level up your business.

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    Best Apps for Your Clients

    Offer your clients advice on tools they can to simplify and streamline their accounting tasks.


    This solution is helpful for businesses that invoice in multiple currencies. Business owners can combine invoice details, expenses, general ledger, and profit and loss reports from multiple currencies into one selected currency.

    How it works with FreshBooks:

    The plug-in pulls reports from Freshbooks and converts taxable income into the currency of choice.

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    Cash Flow Frog

    This cash flow forecasting and scenario planning tool helps business owners determine when to pay bills and which invoices to collect first. They can also run simulations to see the impact of changes in staff, inventory, new customers, and other variables to track and analyze planned cash flow vs. actual cash flow results.

    How it works with FreshBooks:

    The app pulls reports from FreshBooks, analyzes the data, and generates a real-time cash flow forecast.

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    Business owners who want to bring more organization to their organization can use Approveit to create smooth, multi-step workflows that direct bill approval requests to the right person. Features include adding conditional rules to call attention to large-sum purchases, setting reminders, creating approval requests, and seeking approval directly in Slack or email.

    How it works with FreshBooks:

    Bills are approved before they are created in FreshBooks to ensure that only authorized bills enter the business’s accounting system. The data on vendors, accounting category, and taxes is taken directly from the FreshBooks account. If the bill is approved, it’s automatically entered as an expense in FreshBooks.

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    This app empowers independent contractors and tax professionals to automate the tax trial balance and flow data straight from book to trial balance to U.S. tax forms quickly and easily. Available for U.S. customers only.

    How it works with FreshBooks:

    Tallyfor pulls reporting information from FreshBooks, including Chart of Accounts, and helps users prepare U.S. tax returns, including 1065, 1120S, 1120, 1040, Schedule C, and Schedule E.

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    Syft Analytics

    An interactive and collaborative financial reporting tool, this app allows users to visualize, analyze, and forecast financial data via visual reports.

    How it works with FreshBooks:

    Syft seamlessly integrates with FreshBooks and creates reports, graphs, and dashboards from the available financial data. Users can create key performance indicators (KPIs) and build integrated forecasts for the future.

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    Do you have clients who are looking to add employees? Payroll isn’t always an intuitive exercise for many business owners. These payroll solutions that integrate with FreshBooks make the process easier for your clients—and you.

    FreshBooks Payroll 🇺🇸

    FreshBooks’ fully embedded payroll option was launched to all U.S. customers in 2024. Set up payroll right from your client’s account with FreshBooks Payroll, powered by Gusto. Payroll tax filings, W-2s, unlimited payroll runs, and direct deposit all come standard. Manage billing, accounting, and payroll all in one platform.

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    Gusto 🇺🇸

    Do you need benefits management or have contractors to pay? The Gusto integration simplifies and automates the time-consuming tasks that come with more complicated payroll. Available for U.S. customers only.

    How it works with FreshBooks:

    When payroll is run in Gusto, an expense is created in FreshBooks. If a payroll is canceled in Gusto, the expense is also removed from FreshBooks. Business owners can also see payroll reports in FreshBooks.

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    SurePayroll 🇺🇸

    Ideal for small businesses, this solution automates the payroll journal entry process. It’s available for U.S. customers only and costs an additional $4.99 per software connection.

    How it works with FreshBooks:

    SurePayroll automatically exports and shares payroll data as a journal entry in FreshBooks’ Chart of Accounts, ensuring all information is accurate and up to date in both systems. Note: it does not create an expense entry, but the profit and loss report will show the correct information.

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    Payment Evolution 🇨🇦

    Canada’s largest cloud payroll and payment service offers a variety of ways to pay employees and track payroll. Available for Canadian customers only.

    How it works with FreshBooks:

    When you run payroll in Payment Evolution, an expense is created in FreshBooks, synchronizing payroll in both systems. It also syncs time entries from FreshBooks to track hours for payroll. If payroll is canceled in Payment Evolution, it’s removed from FreshBooks.

    ➡️ Get Payment Evolution

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    Best Apps for Accounting Professionals

    Accountants need apps, too! We’re always looking for integrations that make running an accounting advisory business more efficient. Here are a few that fit the bill.


    Many accountants want to be able to ask for reviews from their clients so they can earn more credibility and trust and higher rankings on search engines. NiceJob is an effortless way to collect the kudos you deserve.

    How it works with FreshBooks:

    When an invoice is sent to a client, NiceJob will send automated emails and follow-ups asking for a review. All reviews are stored in NiceJob.

    ➡️ Get NiceJob

    Acuity Scheduling

    Wouldn’t it be nice if you could schedule meetings and then invoice for them straight from the scheduling app? That’s how Acuity works—you can automate your client bookings, cancellations, reminders, and payments in a couple of clicks.

    How it works with FreshBooks:

    The integration allows you to create and send invoices for appointments booked in Acuity and record payments made through Acuity to invoices in FreshBooks.

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    Email App Add-Ons

    Want to add a client or invoice them directly from your inbox? FreshBooks integrates with 2 email providers to save you time and effort.


    If your email address ends in @gmail.com, integrate it with FreshBooks so you don’t have to toggle between Gmail and FreshBooks to create, draft, and send invoices directly from Gmail. All the changes to clients and invoices you make through Gmail will be automatically reflected in your FreshBooks account.

    ➡️ Get the Gmail add-on

    Microsoft Outlook App

    If you run your business with Microsoft—and your email address ends in @outlook.com @hotmail.com, or @live.com—you can sync with FreshBooks to pump up your productivity. The integration allows you to easily create, manage, and invoice clients right from Outlook and get quick access to billing status for every client.

    ➡️ Get the Microsoft Outlook add-on

    You’re on Your Way to More Productivity

    Reserve your brain and your time for the work that needs your expertise. It’s all about using the right tools to streamline certain functions so you can focus on the bigger picture for your business and your clients’ businesses.

    To see the full list of productivity apps, visit the FreshBooks integrations page. Productivity is yours to claim!

    Breann Pope

    Written by Breann Pope, Partner Program Manager, FreshBooks

    Posted on March 5, 2024