The Power of Integrating FreshBooks and Gusto

Free up your time, focus on your clients, and amplify your accounting power by integrating FreshBooks and Gusto.

FreshBooks knows that accounting practices are only as powerful as the teams and technology behind them, and that integrations are invaluable when it comes to making the lives of firm owners easier. Gusto is without a doubt one of the most beloved payroll solutions in the accounting space.

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Introducing: The Gusto x FreshBooks Integration

Integrating Gusto with FreshBooks is just one of the ways we can help firms in the U.S. enhance their workflows and make their client experiences even better. FreshBooks’ goal with the Accounting Partner Program is to partner with modern accountants and progressive bookkeepers so that firms can work smarter, not harder.

With FreshBooks’ Gusto integration, accounting professionals now have even more power at their fingertips. The two systems work together flawlessly so you can impress your clients, work more efficiently and put your valuable time back into growing your advisory offerings.

Benefits of Using FreshBooks and Gusto Together

Pairing FreshBooks and Gusto will revolutionize the way you work, and enable you to better support clients as they scale. To give you an idea of how you can make the most of this integration, we’ve compiled a list of our five favorite benefits of using Gusto and FreshBooks together:

1. Save Precious Time

This integration was built with you and the value of time in mind. By combining the power of FreshBooks and the strength of Gusto, you can easily and efficiently access and use all the tools you and your clients need without any extra steps, clicks or work to make it happen.

2. Everything You Need All in One Place

With FreshBooks’ Gusto integration, you’ll never have to waste time toggling between sites or trying to remember passwords. Everything you need to push payroll is easily accessible through your FreshBooks account.

3. Reduce Human Error

The FreshBooks + Gusto integration system means that you’ll never have to pull payroll reports and create manual payroll entries inside of FreshBooks. Processed payroll in Gusto will automatically be reflected in FreshBooks, saving you time and providing you and your clients with the most accurate payroll information possible.

4. Enjoy a Top-Notch User Experience

FreshBooks and Gusto don’t just work together on a software level—our teams have a real partnership. We’ve worked hard as a collective force to make sure that the integration of our apps is centered around your relationships with clients so that you get the best user experience possible.

5. Focus on What Really Matters: Your Clients

Instead of spending time on manual payroll and tracking the ever-changing regulations, spend your time where it matters most: advising your clients. Let Gusto handle the year-end filing. This will free up time for you to meet with your clients regularly, and offer payroll and financial advice grounded in the quality data provided from pairing our two systems together.

How the Integration Works

When Gusto is integrated with FreshBooks, it brings you payroll, W-2s, 1099s, payroll runs and direct deposits. Once connected, any payroll you run in Gusto will be automatically imported into your FreshBooks account in the Expenses section, already categorized for you.

Getting Started With Gusto

Want to view your Gusto payroll expenses in an Excel spreadsheet? All it takes is three easy steps. First, simply select Reports from the main navigation and click on Expense Report. Then use your filters to group your records by vendor and see all Gusto entries displayed together. Finally, click Export your Expense Report to Excel.

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The FreshBooks Accounting Partner Program

FreshBooks knows that accountants and bookkeepers have a lot of solutions to choose from to power their practice. Our goal for the Accounting Partner Program is to continue to cultivate high-caliber integrations that enhance the lives of professionals.

Gusto and FreshBooks are two powerful tools that we have brought together specifically to bolster your client services. We can’t wait to enhance the integration even further to continue to benefit our partner firms in the future.


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