FreshBooks customer service: now with mango salad

September 12, 2007

One thing that I love about working at FreshBooks is that you can go to almost any city in the world and call up a customer to take them out to dinner.

Last week, Mike and I were in San Francisco for the amazing Office 2.0 conference. We found ourselves at 3pm last Tuesday waiting for the CalTrain back to San Francisco. Finally having a spare moment, we dialed customers frantically while express CalTrains rocketed past us. (I felt like we were in some Bay Area version of Pushing Tin.) By 5pm, we had 7 customers and a restaurant booked: the wonderful Brazilian bistro, Espetus. I personally recommend their mango salad.

I just want to thank our FreshBooks customers for coming out to meet us. Meeting our customers was really the highlight of our trip. It didn’t hurt that a few of them took us out for drinks at Zeitgeist, which is my new favourite bar in San Francisco. So, thank you (left-to-right in the photo above):

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