In the News: Which U.S. State Is Most Polite?

Say what you might about manners these days, but when it comes to invoicing a polite "please" or "thank you" can be a difference-maker.

Indeed, past research shows that a simple “please pay your invoice within…” or “thank you for your business” can increase the percentage of invoices that are paid by more than 5 per cent!

That could easily equate to thousands of dollars per year. Plus, politeness not only gets you paid faster — it’s good for your brand and image.

So, Where Are the Most Polite Small Business Owners?

New research from FreshBooks reveals Oklahoma, Alabama and Ohio have the most polite small business owners in the country.

FreshBooks analyzed customer data to uncover which small business owners (by state) are the most likely to use “please” or “thank you” on their invoices.

Polite Ranking US

So, it turns out Mom was right all along: Good manners go a long, long way.

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