New & Improved in FreshBooks: Taxes, Expenses and Bank Reconciliation Reporting

Always improving! This is FreshBooks' latest product update for May 2019.

Find out what new product updates have been taking root at FreshBooks this May:

Save Time When Applying Taxes

If you typically invoice for multiple line items, then this recent update is for you. Now you can check off a handy box to apply taxes to all line items on your invoice in one go. If only filing taxes was this easy…

Create Expenses—Fast

There’s now a quicker way to create or edit expenses, with fewer clicks. When viewing all your expenses in your FreshBooks account, you can now click on the + New Expense button at the top of your list of Expenses to quickly create a new in-line expense or edit any existing expenses. Another way FreshBooks is making pesky (but unavoidable) tasks faster and more efficient.

Your New Favourite Report: Bank Reconciliation Summary

Get a clearer picture into the health of your business with the recently added Bank Reconciliation Summary. It provides insight into how organized your accounts are. Plus, it shows what remaining transactions need to be matched in your Bank Reconciliation, including all unmatched transactions across all bank accounts and Expenses and Payments logged in your FreshBooks account.

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