Get Visual: 74 Places to Find Amazing Royalty-Free Images for Your Business

Fact: Compelling images garner more clicks.

Like many small business owners, you may not have a high-flying budget to pay for pricey stock photos for your business. But you need not worry—the list below provides the gamut of royalty-free image websites for both personal and commercial use. First, let’s start with some basic definitions.

Understanding Common Royalty-Free Images Terms

Fact: Compelling images garner more clicks.

  • Royalty-Free: The right to use intellectual property without having to pay royalties or license fees. While this varies depending on the source, “royalty-free” means you don’t have to fork over money to use the image.
  • Creative Commons: This is when an artist waives their rights to their work, so it can be used for the common good by others. Different levels of creative commons exist. Ensure you read the terms of the specific images, graphics, videos, written material and other forms of content before publishing.
  • Public Domain: Any material created in the United States before 1923, as well as any non-classified images taken by federal, state and local government, are part of the public domain.
  • Attribution: This is when the creator or photo-sharing website requires you to credit the author. This varies by site and photographer.
  • Commercial Use: The right to use royalty-free images for any business venture.
  • Membership: A sign-up is required to access royalty-free images.

Where to Find Free Stock Photos

Burst by Shopify: Burst is a stock photo site for entrepreneurs powered by Shopify. All photos offered under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, which means you’re welcome to use the photos for any purpose.

Dreams Time: This large royalty-free photo site has a library of thousands of images. Attribution is required.

Free Digital Photos: Provides free images in smaller dimensions. You must include attribution, but may be removed for a small fee.

Free Range Stock: Thousands of high-resolution stock photos for commercial use.

Freestocks: Creative Commons images that can be copied, modified, distributed and used for commercial projects. Photos may not be sold.

Free Photos Bank: Use Free Photos Bank images for any project you have. There is a searchable database with a number of categories. You are not allowed to modify the images, and must provide photographer credit.

Getty Images: Getty is well-known for their high-quality premium images. Their Embed Viewer feature allows for free download, as long as you properly embed the provided code for editorial use only.

ISO Republic: This website combines both free and premium stock photos. They have featured photographers who share images on the website as well. Check out the license requirements for each photo before using.

Imfree: Images from multiple sources, providing commercially viable, royalty-free images. Imfree images require attribution.

Large Photos: A large number of Creative Commons high-quality photos, which can be used for commercial projects.

Libre Shot: Hundreds of Creative Commons images for any use. Attribution isn’t required.

morgueFile: Free photos by creatives for creatives. Started by Michael Connors in 1996, it is one of the oldest free image websites on the internet. All photos can be downloaded and reused for commercial and personal work.

Negative Space: Creative Commons photos with no copyright restrictions. Attribution isn’t required.

Pexels: Thousands of free stock photos with a Creative Commons license. New high-resolution photos are added each month.

Pixabay: Free, high-quality stock photos, vectors and art illustrations. No attribution is needed.

Public Domain Pictures: Thousands of free images. As you might have guessed, they have public domain photos. To use for commercial purposes, some images require property release.

Rawpixel: A collaborative approach to image sharing, Rawpixels offers a large variety of creative and authentic royalty-free images.

RGB Stock: Free photos for personal and commercial use. To access high-resolution photos, registration is required. Double check individual photos for attribution. A small collection of high-resolution stock photos. These are free from copyright restrictions and attributions.

Stock Photos For Free: Photos are from around the world with a royalty-free license, and permission to use on commercial projects. Shares images from multiple sources, so check each photo’s attribution requirements.

stockvault: Free stock photos and graphics. Stock Vault adds more high-resolution images every week and requires no attribution.

StokPic: Free stock photos for any commercial use except redistribution.

123RF: While a large part of 123RF is devoted to the millions of premium images, they do have a free library available to members.

Unrestricted: Vector and royalty-free stock photos provided at no cost. Unrestricted allows you to use them for commercial purposes.

Top Notch Photo Collection Sites

VisualHunt: This photo stock search engine crawls over millions of Creative Commons images from sites like Flickr.

Splitshire: Italian photographer Daniel Nanescu shares dozens of free images and also sells premium photos.

BigFoto: A royalty-free photo agency. Make sure to check the individual photos for the attribution. BigFoto photos can be used for personal and commercial purposes.

Gratisography: All images are shot by web designer and artist Ryan McGuire and are free of copyright restrictions.

Death to the Stock Photo: A unique royalty-free photo collection. You’ll need to sign up for their free newsletter to access and browse free photos. Death to the Stock Photo prohibits image distribution, claiming them as yours, and using them in bad taste. Complimentary photos with no need for attribution. Many of the images on this site have smaller dimensions—typically not ideal for print campaigns.

HubSpot: The inbound marketing company donates photos for creative and marketing professionals to use. While they appreciate an inbound link to their photos, these images are free to use as you want.

Picjumbo: Ad-funded photo sharing website started by Viktor Hanacek has millions of downloads to date. They have a number of copyright restrictions, so be sure to check their licensing terms before use.

Super Famous Studios: Created by Dutch interaction designer Folkert Gorter. The Creative Commons license does require a credit to the photographer.

Dryicons: Providing free image licenses with restrictions, as well as regular and extended paid licenses allowing additional image rights.

Life of Pix: Montreal advertising agency Leeroy shares a number of photos from featured photographers, adding new images weekly.

Kaboompics: Fashion and food stocks photos from Karolina Grabowska. Free of restrictions, but a website link is appreciated.  

Fancy Crave: Collection of photos from around the world that are free of use, but a website attribution is appreciated.

FindA.Photo: A mini search engine for thousands of free royalty-free images from sites like Unsplash and Jay Mantri. Images are sorted by keywords and color.

MMT: A library of urban shots and are free for commercial use.

Epicantus: A Tumblr blog that provides stunning Creative Commons images. Every photo shared on the blog reviews the copyright status of the image.

Specialty Images for Niche Businesses

Ancestry Images: Many images in this collection are antique prints. They require attribution; not all can be used for commercial use.

Barn Images: Launched in 2015 by Latvian photographers Igor Trepeshchenok and Roman Drits. Images are added daily and are free for personal and commercial use. Attribution is required.

New Old Stock: Dozens of free vintage photos. They are free from “known copyright restrictions” since most of these photos are past their copyright date.

NASA: The agency’s Flickr account, sharing a collection of space-related images with no known copyright restrictions. Obviously enough, Carpictures has a library of Creative Commons car photos. You can narrow down your search by car maker. High-resolution travel images from around the world. These are Creative Commons images you can find using their custom map graphic to determine each photo’s origin.

Startup Stock Photos: Business stock photo site from social media marketing company Sculpt. There are no copyright restrictions, but a link to their website is appreciated.

Travel Coffee Book: A library of copyright-free travel photos from around the world.

Free Nature Stock: Royalty-free nature stock photos for any use.

Good Stock Photos: Free stock photos for personal or commercial use. As they state on the website, “the photos are free, so keep it that way.”

Contribute to Photo Sharing Sites

Creative Commons: A way to access photo libraries on Flickr, Google, Europeana, Wikimedia, Pixabay and other media websites.

Wikimedia: A media file library with public domain and copyright-free ima­ges. You do have to check each author’s specific image terms.

Foter: With millions of free stock photos, Foter one of the largest royalty-free collections on the internet. They also have a convenient WordPress plugin to embed photos directly on your blog. The images are Creative Commons and do need attribution.

Every Stock Photo: Photo search engine organized by category. Every photo has a different attribution requirement.

Photo Pin: A large search navigation bar on the home page gives you access to millions of Creative Commons images. This site is geared directly for bloggers and creatives. Attribution is required.

DesignerPics: Images by web designer and developer Jeshu John are free for personal and commercial use.

Picography: A Creative Commons collection of images from professional photographers.

GetRefe: Royalty-free images for personal or commercial use. Resale is prohibited.

Wylio: A Creative Commons image finder that was started in 2010, helping content creators find legal photos. Attribution is preferred.

Flickr: One of the world’s largest photo sharing websites. While not all of their photos have Creative Commons rights, you can do a search for commercial images. Use Flickr’s provided embed code to ensure proper attribution.

Compfight: An image search engine for images for personal and commercial use.

Receive Amazing Images Straight to Your Inbox

Unsplash: Three times per month you’ll receive 10 royalty-free images for commercial and personal use, plus free images from a collection of photographers around the world.

SnapWire Snaps: You’ll receive seven free photos every week from their collection of over 200,000 photographers. All are royalty-free images. A paid service is available for images.

Jay Mantri: Another website that sends seven new photos every Thursday. Images are Creative Commons.

Feeling Crafty? Tools to Create Your Own Graphics

Canva: Known as a simple-to-use design program to edit photos, create your own graphics and download templates.

PicMonkey: Design and edit your own images. Similar to Canva, PicMonkey is a what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) visual editor for creating your own images.

ToonDoo: A resource to create your own cartoons. They have thousands of templates to help you create your own infographics and visuals.

Piktochart: An infographic creator that provides a library of images, the ability to import data and high-resolution graphics to create your infographic.

Let me let you digest that long list of links for a moment… Ok, now go find the royalty-free images you’ve been looking for. As a takeaway, keep in mind licenses change over time, so ensure you read the licensing terms for each image you use.

Drop us a line and let us know which royalty-free image websites you found to be the best match for your needs—or if we missed any.

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