How to Align Your Soul, Self, and Wealth to Find Your “You Normal” [webinar]

Is this the life you want? Get actionable steps to start redefining what's normal—at work, at home, and everywhere in between—to align with your authentic self.

Does your to-do list seem to grow longer every day? Is feeling stressed, swamped, and exhausted your norm? Most important: Have you lost a sense of joy in your work and life? Or are you feeling disconnected from your values?

In this interactive webinar, certified financial coach (and former CPA) Robina Bennion takes you through actionable steps and exercises to discover how to get back to a state of “normal” that sparks joy and is in alignment with your goals and values. Not only for your work or business, but for your personal relationships, your finances, and everything else that makes you…well, you.

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This Webinar Is for You If:

  • You’re seeking inspirational and mindful tips on how to find balance and fight burnout
  • The pandemic has taken a toll on your work, your relationships, or your mental health
  • You feel trapped in a cycle of go, go, go, without a moment to breathe
  • You know there are better ways to live and work, and you’re open to finding them

Speaker and Host

Robina Bennion is a certified financial coach, certified money coach, certified public speaker, and retired CPA. Her new book, Soul Self Wealth Guidebook, digs deeper into the goal-setting concepts discussed in this webinar.

Twyla Verhelst, CPA, is the Head of the Accountant Channel at FreshBooks and founder of the FreshBooks Accounting Partner Program.

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