Stand Out From the Crowd: 5 Ways to Create a Joyful Brand

December 11, 2014

Injecting personality into your brand and business can give it a unique persona, which is appealing to customers.  Try these five tips to make your branding more successful:

1. Find a Consistent Voice

Injecting personality into your brand can make consumers feel that they are dealing with a person rather than a business. That’s good—as long as you use a consistent voice that matches the personality of your company. If your company takes a lighthearted approach to business, inject some jokes and humorous observations into your Facebook and Twitter updates. If your business has a “no-nonsense” approach, stick to the facts to attract consumers who appreciate that perspective. Consistency is the most important aspect. An inconsistent voice can confuse potential customers who want to spend their time and money on things they know and trust. Having an inconsistent brand voice is like having an erratic personality. A few people might find it interesting, but most people will keep their distance.

2. Always Respond to Your Followers

Once you find your brand’s voice, take advantage of every opportunity to use it. As people become more aware of your business, they’ll likely post questions and comments to your social media profiles. This is a great time to use your brand voice to create a cohesive personality for your company. The sooner you can respond to queries, the more active and engaged your brand will appear—and the less you’ll look like a disorganized corporation.

3. Make Friends with Other Brands

Social media makes it possible for your brand to become friends with other brands. It’s best to surround yourself with similar brands that won’t distract your audience. The Oatmeal, a humorous website created by Matthew Inman, links to several Facebook pages that reinforce the site’s brand. Those pages include I Love Coffee, Sriracha Rooster Sauce, and Tesla Motors. These brands help to position The Oatmeal as a comedy site that occasionally gets obsessed with things like coffee, Sriracha sauce and electric cars. Find and link to brands that add to your company’s personality. Consumers pay attention to the company you keep. Use that to your advantage by joining forces with businesses you like.

4. Build an Inviting Home for Your Brand

Your brand needs a home where people know they can always learn more about your company and its services. That home is your company blog. A blog gives you ample space to develop your brand voice while entertaining and informing fans. The limited space offered by Facebook and Twitter isn’t the same. You’ll need a backlog of long-form, written content that shows the nuances of your brand identity. People who visit your blog should feel like they’re hearing something directly from you. If you do the job well, your fans will want to post comments. The comments section is another place to start conversations.

5. Use Compelling Videos and Images

Developing a blog gives you a chance to expand your personality. Most social media platforms, though, give you limited space for content. Twitter and Facebook aren’t the right places for articles, but they are perfect for spreading videos and images. Videos and images let you add a visual dimension to your brand identity. It’s similar to the way that other corporations use mascots as representatives of their brands. If you haven’t made video content before, you should make a few practice clips first. You’re going to make mistakes before you get the hang of it. If you have enough advertising money, you may even want to hire someone to produce the video. Images, however, are easy and inexpensive. You can share pictures of your products or just things that you think your audience will want to see from you.

Have you noticed ways that other businesses inject personality into their brands? What can you learn from their examples?

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