Accounting Professionals Love FreshBooks’ Human Customer Support

No robots here! Just humans, ready to support you in reaching your collaborative accounting goals.

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Accessing some services’ customer support can be an excruciating process. Just the phrase “customer support” conjures horrible memories of blaring hold music, robotic voices apologizing for the wait time over and over again, and endless transfers. But if customer support is meant to really support you, there is no reason why it should be a painful process.

That’s why FreshBooks prioritizes creating extraordinary customer support experiences to go with our user-friendly technology. We’re more than our software or a page on a computer screen. And when we created the Accounting Partner Program, it was important to the program leader Twyla Verhelst—an accountant herself—that the human experience is front and center.

FreshBooks and the program are powered by real humans who are here to support you and your clients every step of the way. In fact, we call our support philosophy the 4Es: To execute extraordinary experiences every day for our customers and partners.

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FreshBooks Is Here for You From the Start

From the moment that you express interest in joining the Accounting Partner Program, your human experience begins. When you apply, you’ll receive an invitation to schedule a call with a program team member.

This conversation is our way to get to know you and your firm and ensure that our program is truly the right fit for you. It also helps us curate a community of like-minded, client-focused accountants that you’ll be able to reach out to and interact with in the future.

Louis Haskel
“The FreshBooks onboarding process was very thorough and informative. From the initial conversation with Twyla to the detailed live training done by an excellent trainer, I feel that I am ready to include FreshBooks into my stack in order to help my clients work with their accounting and business solutions.”

—Louis Haskel, Louis Haskel CPA

Kellie Parks

“The process [of joining the program] was warm and welcoming as well as thorough. I feel confident offering FreshBooks as part of my accounting tech stack!”

—Kellie Parks, SaaSy Accounting Coach

We Want to Work *With* You

The next step in joining the program is getting trained on FreshBooks and becoming FreshBooks Certified. This training is delivered in a live virtual group session by one of our program team members.

These sessions set the stage for getting inspired, having your questions answered in real-time, and providing us with your feedback. With your honest input, we can continue to create extraordinary experiences that allow you to focus on being the collaborative adviser your clients need.

Jennifer Castro

“I felt that the training not only gave me all the tools to get started, but also a direct connection to the FreshBooks team. There were opportunities to provide feedback and ask detailed questions throughout the program certification process, and the presentation of the collaborative accounting workflow allowed me to see how I could best support my FreshBooks clients.”

—Jennifer Castro, Bookkeeping Manager at CPA4IT

Get Fast, Easy, Effortless Support When You Need It

FreshBooks customer support is lightning fast. It’s our policy to answer any call within 3 rings, and respond to all support emails in 90 minutes or less for all our platform users.

When you call or email us, we make sure that a real, highly qualified, and compassionate human being is responding to you. No robots or annoying hold music here!

When you join the Accounting Partner Program, you receive access to a dedicated support team that knows accounting. This team understands debits and credits while still striving to find you a simple solution. That way, you can spend more of your valuable time and energy on advising your clients, and less on troubleshooting.

“I had a question that required input from a software engineer and within minutes of the live training, the dedicated support was able to open a ticket and answer my question.”—Jennifer Castro, bookkeeping manager at CPA4IT

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We’re Here to Listen to You

When you become a FreshBooks Partner, you get more than our technology—you get real people. You get a human experience.

Our team is dedicated to getting to know you, supporting your goals by giving you the tools you need most, and offering simple solutions to any problems that come up. From the first introductory call to the ongoing, dedicated support for you, your team, your clients, and your success, we’re truly listening.

Join the FreshBooks Accounting Partner Program today to see for yourself, and get access to an additional niche level of dedicated support to help you reach your advising goals!

Stephanie Rochon

Written by Stephanie Rochon, Content Marketing Manager, FreshBooks

Posted on October 19, 2020