Google AdWords Teleseminar Podcast with Andrew Goodman & Next Teleseminar Details

July 5, 2006

Last Thursday I had the privilege to conduct a teleseminar about Google AdWords with Andrew Goodman of Page Zero Media. (Download the podcast.)

CALL NOTES: People sent in some excellent questions, and the second half of the call was very engaging as Andrew and I got rolling.  Be advised there are many rather annoying beeps that were recorded during the first 5-10 minutes of the call.  The beeps were people calling in to the seminar and they stop after about 10 minutes…we will tune these out (if we can) for future teleseminars.

The next teleseminar we have booked (though I might try to add another one sooner) is going to be held on Thursday, July 20, 2006 with Rob Hyndman. Rob is a technology lawyer and one of Canada’s most prolific bloggers, as well as one of my fellow co-founders of the mesh conference.  Rob is going to talk about “Strategy for Protecting Your Intellectual Property” (copyright, branding, code, designs etc.) online.

This will be great a great call for you if you have a website, or if you serve clients who have websites.  The floor will be open for questions so please email them to me in advance and Rob will answer them during the call.

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