The Best Accounting Blogs and Podcasts to Stay in the Know

Stay informed with this list of blogs, podcasts, and resources for small business accounting professionals.

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Between running your practice, serving your clients, and life in general, keeping up with the latest accounting industry news is a challenge. Whether your goal is to learn about marketing your firm, getting into advisory services, or spending time on professional development, there are tons of resources online for accounting professionals.

To keep things manageable, these lists are curated to include some of the best accounting blogs, podcasts, and tools to bring you the most value as an accountant, bookkeeper, or tax professional working with small businesses. But, since you’re the ultimate judge of what works for you—enjoy, explore, and see what you find!

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    9 Accounting Blogs Worth the Read

    Written by fellow industry professionals, here are some of the best accounting blogs and vlogs to keep you up to date on the industry.

    Accounting Coach
    Imagine if a blog and small business accounting encyclopedia had a baby. That would be Accounting Coach, where accounting instructor Harold Averkamp has created a meticulously organized end-to-end educational resource for accounting professionals.

    Why coach? All of the content on this informative blog is free and paid plans give you access to video content, worksheets, and more.

    How does it work? Course outlines are grouped under three main categories: bookkeeping, financial, and managerial. You can also scroll through a list of all the major accounting concepts or search by key terms. It’s all there from bank reconciliation to accounts payable, accounting processes, and a whole lot more.

    Wanna play? There are also educational crosswords and word scrambles.

    FreshBooks Accounting Partner Program ad
    Founder Ben Robinson and his team are on a mission to build an army of 25,000 21st-century bookkeeping pros by 2025. When a close friend needed advice on starting her firm, Ben sprang into action. The rest, as they say, is history.

    What’s it about? Categories include marketing, sales, pricing, processes, team building, and general bookkeeping skills to help small business owners.

    What else? There’s also a podcast.

    Bookkeeping Side Hustle
    Created by FreshBooks Accounting Partner Kate Josephine Johnson, this blog is just one component of her side hustle community. Emphasizing that hustle does not mean hobby, her mission is to help fellow bookkeepers do what they love, serve their clients well, and make a living.

    Why hustle? Plug in with someone who’s all in on the industry. Kate regularly reviews accounting technology, chats with fellow bookkeepers, and leads a free mastermind group.

    The best way to hustle? Sign up for Kate’s monthly newsletter.

    More ways to hustle? Check out Kate’s YouTube channel and join her 18K+ member Facebook group. (You’ll need to complete a mandatory form to join the Facebook group.)

    Dancing Accountant
    Nancy McClelland, CPA, MAFM, also known as “The Dancing Accountant,” is committed to helping small businesses navigate the world of accounting, bookkeeping, and tax-related topics. Her blog is dedicated to providing up-to-the-moment accounting tips and resources.

    Does Nancy really dance? Yes, she’s a member of a professional dance troupe that specializes in 1960’s-style go-go dancing. You go, girl!

    Drink While You Think
    Pull up a chair and listen to a weekly conversation with Kenji Kuramoto, a FreshBooks Accounting Partner, and Matthew May, co-founders of the virtual CFO firm Acuity. Fully leaded beverages are optional on this vlog that covers topics ranging from the challenges of scaling your firm to being a numbers savant.

    Is there an official blog to read, too? Yep, the blog is a bit more straight-laced and covers accounting concepts that’ll help any small business owner. You can also sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the site.

    Future Firm
    Want someone who’ll give you actionable advice for scaling your accounting or bookkeeping firm? Look no further than Ryan Lazanis, a straight-talking CPA who shares the lessons he learned while building his own modern firm from scratch in only 5 years.

    The best way to Future Firm? Sign up for Ryan’s weekly newsletter to get his latest tech roundups and industry insights for accounting and finance professionals.

    Gusto Accounting Partners Blog
    FreshBooks’ US payroll app partner, Gusto, has a fantastic blog for accounting partners that covers industry trends, growing your firm, and partner success stories.

    Can I get regular updates? Accountants who “work outside the lines” can subscribe to the Gusto on the Margins newsletter.

    SasSy Accounting Coach
    Sassy is sort of an understatement, but FreshBooks Accounting Partner Kellie Parks, CPB, likes to try to apply a safe-for-work filter. If you recognize her name, it’s likely from her Facebook Group, The WorkFlow WateringHole. As Kellie would say, if you want to simplify, “techify,” and solve your workflow woes, this is the place.

    Does she have a newsletter? Yep, sign up here for her regular insights on workflows and online accounting software.

    Solutions for CPA Firm Leaders
    As an expert in CPA firm management, Rita Keller shares regular practice management advice and kicks off each post with an apt quote.

    Want a monthly recap? Just click on the “Subscribe” link in the menu.

    10 Listen-Worthy Accounting Podcasts

    For the audiophiles out there, check out these podcasts to take in your accounting news by listening to real conversations with real people.

    Cloud Accounting Podcast
    Hosted by Blake Oliver and David Leary, the Cloud Accounting Podcast has become a weekly staple of the modern accounting industry, especially for smaller and independent firms serving small businesses.

    Count Me In
    Created by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), this podcast covers everything affecting the accounting and finance world, including technology, data analytics, business transformation, and more.
    🎧 Hear Twyla Verhelst, Head of the FreshBooks Accountant Channel, talk about building confidence in an industry of introverts.

    CPA MOMS Podcast
    CPA MOMS proudly refers to itself as the “eHarmony” of the accounting world. Respecting that many moms have started their accounting and bookkeeping practices to give themselves better work-life balance, this podcast helps listeners overcome mom guilt and live their best lives.
    🎧Listen in as CPA mom Twyla discusses what it means to be a progressive accountant.

    CPA Trendlines
    What’s on everyone’s minds when it comes to building a better accounting or bookkeeping firm? Host Rob Brown interviews a who’s who list of industry experts to find out.

    Earmark Podcast
    Started in 2022, the Earmark Podcast provides continuing education for accounting and tax professionals. Accountants and bookkeepers can earn CPE credits simply by listening to episodes. Host Blake Oliver may sound familiar as he also co-hosts the Cloud Accounting Podcast featured above.
    🎧As part of the inaugural year, Twyla participated in a 2-part series on being intentional with your firm. Part 1 | Part 2

    Sons of CPAs
    Would you like a side of wit with your meaty industry advice? Hosts and FreshBooks Accounting Partners Scott Scarano and Jason Ackerman are just the ones to bring it. They’d also like to disclose that the content is open to all sons and daughters of CPAs.
    🎧 It’s no fairy tale! Hear their talk with Twyla, the “Fresh Princess.”

    Soul of Enterprise Podcast
    Hosted by Ron Baker and Ed Kless, Soul of Enterprise champions wealth created by intellectual capital. Some of their most popular episodes feature interviews with industry experts and thought leaders.

    Hosted by Jason Blumer and Julie Shipp, co-founders of the mastermind group Trival, Thrivecast is a well-established wealth of entrepreneurial and inspirational knowledge. They talk about everything from future trends to the fundamental struggles of running a practice.

    The Successful Bookkeeper
    Host Michael Palmer is a business coach and a long-standing advocate of firm owners. With nearly 300 episodes and counting, it’s no wonder everyone keeps tuning in.
    🎧Why should you get to know your bookkeeping clients? Hear what Twyla had to say.

    What’s Your “And”?
    Get to the core of the culture you want to create. Host John Garrett believes that taking time to share personal interests helps us all perform better as professionals. Each episode features a different industry professional.
    🎧What’s Twyla’s “And”? Find out.

    11 Trade Publications and Professional Resources

    Remember when your grade school teacher would mention primary sources? These are the ones.

    Accounting Today
    As a trade magazine, Accounting Today has served the accounting industry for over 30 years. It has also grown into a resource hub that includes a podcast and range of newsletters. Full access requires a paid subscription, but you can create a free account to view most articles.

    Produced by the UK-based SIFT media company, it covers tax, technology, bookkeeping, and more. You can stay up-to-date by subscribing to their free newsletter.

    American Accounting Association Publications
    🇺🇸 For U.S. audiences: If you like an academic approach, this site gives you access to the latest digital editions of the Accounting Review, Accounting Horizons, Journal of the American Taxation Association, and more specialized resources.

    American Payroll Association (APA)
    🇺🇸 For U.S. audiences: The news and resources section is bookmark worthy for accountants and bookkeepers offering payroll for American business owners. They also offer a free newsletter to help you stay on top of all payroll tax and legal updates.

    Canadian Accountant
    🇨🇦 For Canadian audiences: This publication defines itself as Canada’s leading independent news source for the accounting profession. It also features tax and legislative updates, alongside insights from industry thought leaders. Subscribe to the free weekly newsletter.

    Canadian Payroll Association (National Payroll Institute)
    🇨🇦 For Canadian audiences: If you run payroll for Canadian business owners, this blog, newsletter, and other resources will be a lifeline. Most technical bulletins and updates are available free of charge to members and non-members.

    CPA Practice Advisor
    It began with a focus on technology but soon evolved to include general industry news and practice management resources. In addition to the print and online publication, there’s also a podcast and several topic-based newsletters.

    Internal Revenue Association (IRS) e-News Subscriptions
    🇺🇸 For U.S. audiences: The IRS is the source of truth for American small business taxes. Accountants and business owners may subscribe to a range of free tax and payroll updates. All you need is your email address.

    Journal of Accountancy
    This academic publication is produced by the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AIPCA)/Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (CIMA). More of a listener than a reader? Never fear—there’s also a podcast.

    New York Times, Accounting Section
    Extra, extra! Read all about what the New York Times says about accounting and accountants. A free account will let you view several articles for free. For unlimited access, you’ll need a paid subscription.

    Numbers & Sense Magazine
    🇨🇦 For Canadian audiences: Produced by the Certified Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (CPB Canada), it’s available in print (for association members) and online. Members and non-members may also subscribe to a digital edition.

    FreshBooks certification for accounting professionals

    Tips to Keep Up With Accounting Industry News

    Whether you’re an established accounting professional or just getting started, your information workflow will always be a work in progress. However, you might just give yourself an edge and fast-track your professional growth with these tips to staying connected.


    Most of these resources offer free newsletters and updates. Sign up for what sounds good to you. Then, as you see what you read and don’t read, keep the ones that work and unsubscribe from those that don’t.

    Get Social

    As you find sources that resonate, follow the main accounts and the writer or host. Over time, you’ll also notice peers who interact the most—and your network of like-minded leaders will grow from there.

    Join an Online Community

    Looking for a community where you can discuss what’s going on in the industry? Join an online community of peers where you can chat (and occasionally commiserate) about the accounting business.

    The FreshBooks Accounting Partner Program includes membership in a growing community of client-focused, growth-minded accountants and bookkeepers, along with FreshBooks accounting certification and ongoing skills training. Sign up for the monthly accounting program newsletter to see what it’s all about.

    Start a Conversation

    Do you have a go-to resource that’s missing from this list? Add it to the comments below. And if you loved this list, please pass it to your peers. Happy reading, listening, and engaging!

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