Connect Even More of Your Favorite Apps With FreshBooks

Zapier enables your web apps to talk to each other, saving you precious time to focus on your business instead of moving data from one system to another.

As a small business owner you use many different apps to keep things organized and running smoothly. The trouble is, not every one of those tools integrates with each other, meaning there’s still some manual work involved.

Zapier aims to help solve that problem – they enable your web apps to talk to each other, saving you precious time to focus on your business instead of moving data from one system to another. In fact, Zapier connects over 500 apps to FreshBooks.

It’s already one of FreshBooks’ must-have tools, and it gets even better with Zapier’s latest upgrade, Multi-Step Zaps.

What Can I Do With Zapier?

When clients pay their invoices, it’s either time to celebrate or time to get to work (or both). Zapier makes it possible to create unique workflows that help you get more things done in fewer steps.


Say you’re waiting for a client to accept an estimate before starting the job. With Zapier, you could automatically be notified once an estimate has been received for a particular project via SMS notification, or send a notification via popular messaging app like Slack. Need to have a kick-off meeting once a client approves your estimate? Zapier can go ahead and set that up for you.


Let’s say you have an online store powered by WooCommerce, and a client fills in an order form on your website. Zapier can create a workflow so that FreshBooks automatically sends an invoice to your client for that order.

More Advanced Forms

Zapier’s Multi-Step Zaps come with another powerful new feature: Search. You can now search through FreshBooks, find a contact’s info—or add a new contact if they’re not in your FreshBooks account yet. Say you have a form on your site, where new clients can submit their contact details for you to follow up. You’d like to keep track of each of these contacts in FreshBooks, so in Zapier, you’ll use the new “Find or Create Client” Action.

Multi-Zap Action FreshBooks

You can lookup the client by their email address or name – but you’re not sure if the person who filled out the form is already a contact in your FreshBooks account. To avoid creating a duplicate client, Zapier can automatically search your account for the client’s details. If it didn’t find a client matching those details, it can use the form data to make a new client in FreshBooks.

FreshBooks mobile gives you the freedom to invoice anywhere

These are just few workflows that could help save you time and do more with your favourite apps. Check out Zapier’s site for hundreds of FreshBooks integrations.

Getting Started

To get started, you’ll need both a Zapier account, and a FreshBooks account. Head on over to the Add-ons page for more information.

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