FreshBooks Apps and Integrations: Discover More Ways to Save Time

Make FreshBooks work for your business by connecting seamlessly to apps and integrations that you already use.

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Technology is an incredible tool that empowers you to work smarter. But at a certain point, juggling all the apps you use starts eating into your actual work time. Logging in and out, manually entering information, and toggling back and forth between apps and integrations can create speed bumps on the road to efficiency.

To help simplify your workflow, FreshBooks Apps and Integrations allows you to integrate FreshBooks with a variety of other apps to bring added functionality to your account and your business.

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    What Are FreshBooks Integrations?

    FreshBooks integrations allow you to automate more of your workflow and save you time by connecting your FreshBooks account with the apps you already love working with.

    What Are the Benefits of FreshBooks Integrations?

    In short, FreshBooks’ AppStore saves you time by connecting you to other apps you already use. As a result, your efficiency skyrockets, and your business can grow even faster:

    You Can Save Yourself Time

    Integrations in FreshBooks allow you to import and export information seamlessly between apps, saving you time and boosting productivity. For example, FreshBooks built a Google Chrome extension that can be added to your browser to help track your time. So when you’re working in project management apps like Basecamp, Trello or Asana, the extension will track that time and automatically pull those hours into FreshBooks.

    Your Workflow Is More Efficient

    Bringing together the features of FreshBooks and partner apps expands the functionality of both, saving you time and increasing efficiency in the long (and short!) run.

    Your Process Is More Accurate

    FreshBooks’ Integrations help eliminate natural mistakes. For instance, it’s easy to miss something when copying information from app to app. But with FreshBooks Apps & Integrations, information is automatically imported, and you avoid any human error.

    For example, let’s say you integrate Gusto with your FreshBooks account and run a payroll cycle. Once you know how much to pay each employee, that amount is automatically imported into your FreshBooks expenses with no chance of an error.

    What Apps Has FreshBooks Integrated With?

    There are currently 21 categories of partner apps that integrate with FreshBooks, including:

    Top app picks include:

    • Gusto: Facilitates recurring pay schedules and automatic expense categorization
    • G Suite by Google Cloud: Allows you to invoice Google contacts, preview client emails from Gmail and provides a single sign-on experience
    • Stripe: Integrates with FreshBooks to offer an easy way to accept payments online
    • Bench: An online service that connects you with a team of affordable bookkeeping professionals and gives you a FreshBooks discount
    • Fundbox: Provides payment advances for outstanding invoices
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    How Do I Integrate an App with FreshBooks?

    Adding an app or integration to your FreshBooks account is easy:

    1. Log into your account.
    2. Click on the gear icon in the top left corner.
    3. Click on Apps & Integrations.
    4. Find an app to get started with and click Learn More.

    Each app has a slightly different setup, so just follow the instructions on each page and you’re good to go!

    Will All My Apps Work in FreshBooks?

    Apps marked “Top Picked Apps” in the App Store indicate that the FreshBooks support team has tested and approved the integrations. All other apps in the directory are carefully curated by FreshBooks to make sure they’re good matches for FreshBooks users.

    How Are Partner Apps and Integrations Chosen?

    FreshBooks doesn’t partner with just anyone, and we want to make sure that all our integrations work to your benefit. FreshBooks determines what functionality people are looking for to see which apps we want to connect with to deliver valuable integrations.

    Will My Privacy Be Protected?

    When it comes to integrations, FreshBooks always maintains its security standards. And when it comes to privacy, your data will never be shared with any partner apps.

    What Other Apps Will FreshBooks Partner With?

    FreshBooks is always looking for new apps to partner with. In particular, new apps that are specifically tailored to creative professionals, like writers, graphic designers, photographers, etc.

    That said – if you have an idea for an app integration in FreshBooks, we’d love to hear it! Reach out below.

    FreshBooks Is Here to Help

    If you have any questions about app integrations in FreshBooks, a team of Support Rockstars is ready to help you out. Contact them here.


    Written by FreshBooks

    Posted on March 14, 2018