Your Feedback in Action: Fall 2019 Product Updates

Using feedback from real customers, FreshBooks is on a mission to make your experience extraordinary. Check out these Fall 2019 product updates.


Ever talked to our award-winning Support Team? Whether by phone or over email, one thing is clear—they’re exceptional! No phone trees, just real, live humans ready to answer your questions and hear your feedback in three rings, or less.

But, do you ever wonder where that feedback actually goes?

(Don’t worry – it’s not a dusty suggestion box).

At FreshBooks, there’s a multi-disciplinary team solely dedicated to putting your questions, comments and suggestions forward for action.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features shipped throughout Fall 2019, based on feedback from real customers, like you.

Expense Rebilling

The Issue:

“There is no way to select only a subset of my expenses using a date range when creating a new invoice. It adds up everything since last invoice (since I am new it adds everything). Now I don’t know which of these to delete because there is no date column once it gets added to the invoice!”
– Kannan

The Solution:

Kannan was just one of many who felt this frustration when trying to rebill expenses. As other customers came forward as well, it prompted us to take action and make recording and tracking rebilled expenses more streamlined:

  • Expenses will now be listed in chronological order on the Invoice when re-billed.
  • The Expense creation date will be automatically added to the beginning of the Expense description.
  • Generate Invoice has been added to Bulk Actions in the Expenses tab.

Generate_Invoice_Bulk_Fall 2019 Product Updates

Monthly Profit & Loss (P&L) Report Breakdown

The Issue:

“Hi, I’m trying to create my P&L report for the full year, with info from each month shown on the report. I can’t seem to make it more granular than quarterly unless I generate separate reports for each month.”
– Peter

The Solution:

Based on Peter’s feedback and others looking for a similar change, it was clear that we needed to make it easier for small business owners to get a monthly snapshot of their income and expenses.

We updated the P&L Report to group by monthly (or quarterly) totals, which can be done right in FreshBooks, without exporting. Simply filter by month (or a group of months) and then click the Enlarge button in the top right corner. You’ll now see a landscape view of your P&L Report with all the months visible.

P&L_Fall 2019 Product Updates

Invoice Summary on Hover

The Issue:

“It would be beneficial and I believe it was in the previous version that in the “invoices” tab, you could hover over the invoice number and then that invoice would pop up so you could see the invoice without opening the invoice itself. VERY helpful if you wanted to quickly see the invoice details….”
– Claudia

The Solution:

Whether it’s to quickly confirm payment status or double-check what services you billed for, a summary of Invoice details is super helpful for small business owners like Claudia.
Now when hovering over the Invoice number, you can see a snapshot Invoice preview, which includes:

  • Invoice number
  • Client
  • Last action taken
  • Payment history
  • Summary of Invoice line items

Invoice_Hover_Fall 2019 Product Updates

Bulk Actions on Invoice List

The Issue:

“There are too many button clicks. Too much using the mouse to find boxes and edit them.”
– Peter

The Solution:

Every click takes another second out of your day, reducing your productivity. And that’s exactly what Peter and others were experiencing when reviewing and updating their invoices.

So we took it upon ourselves to make this workflow more streamlined than ever before, thanks to the new action bar, which surfaces actions you are most likely to take, like:

  • Edit
  • Duplicate
  • Archive (if you’ve been paid)
  • Add a Payment (if you haven’t been paid)

Bulk_Actions_Invoices_Fall 2019 Product Updates

Sort Added to Time Entries List

The Issue:

“Can I sort my time entries by date instead of when I entered them?”
– Matthew

The Solution:

Tracking time shouldn’t take so much time! By simply adding additional sorting options to the Time Tracking feature, it could save small business owners like Matthew a few mins in their day.

Now when you access the Review tab in the Time Tracking section of your FreshBooks account, you can sort your list of time entries by Date, Project, Service, Note, Time and Status.


What’s Your Feedback?

We’re always innovating FreshBooks and want to hear from you, our customer, on how we can continue improving to help you work better and faster.

If you have feedback on FreshBooks, our award-winning Support Team can give you a hand at or 1.866.303.6061.

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