Are You a Freelancer? Follow These 11 Twitter Accounts

Don't miss out on valuable advice and community-building! Follow these Twitter accounts, stet!


Social media is a brilliant business solution and a giant time suck all at once. Harness Twitter for good by following these 11 accounts that each bring a little something different to the entrepreneurial table.

1. @FreelanceWJ

Are you already a seasoned freelance writer—or are you thinking about taking the leap from your day job? Either way, this Twitter account will work for you. Freelance Writing Gigs is a great source for gigs and links to truly helpful articles that’ll help you boost your freelance career. It’s like having a ray of hope and information in your feed! Follow @FreelanceWJ.

Samples from their feed:

2. @Sara_Horowitz

Be part of the freelance movement (or at least be on top of it) with Freelancers Union founder and executive director Sara Horowitz. Her Twitter feed is chock-full of timely information about the gig economy and you don’t want to miss her smart responses to the latest news items and how they affect freelancers. Follow @Sara_Horowitz.

Samples from her feed:

3. @smallbiztrends

It pays to follow Small Business Trends’ Twitter account, no matter what kind of business you’re in. You’ll get the heads up on growth strategies, important news that will affect the business decision you make and resources on how to take care of your professional responsibilities. Follow @smallbiztrends.

Samples from their feed:

4. @SmallBizLady

Melinda Emerson is the author of “Be Your Own Boss in 12 Months” and prolific self-promoter on Twitter. In between announcements of the many small business events she’s part of, you’ll also get helpful and inspirational nuggets as you start the journey into entrepreneurship. Follow @SmallBizLady.

Samples from her feed:

5. @jeffbullas

You’ll find one of the world’s leading content marketing influencers and social media strategist in the pages of Forbes, Entrepreneur, The New York Times and Inc. with wisdom for small businesses. His website is also rich with intriguing how-to pieces on getting your business more attention. Follow him on Twitter so you don’t miss a thing. Follow @jeffbullas.

Samples from his feed:

6. @TiceWrites

Carol Tice is the bright mind behind the Make a Living Writing website, which is a veritable treasure trove of information for freelance writers. Her Twitter account is equally informative—not only does it link to new content on her site, it offers access to insight into the business with sharp retweets of news and voices you might not find on your own. Follow @TiceWrites.

Samples from her feed:

7. @suitcasepreneur

Ever wondered what it would be like to chuck it all and travel the world—while still making a great living? Natalie Sisson is smack in the middle of a worldwide adventure and simultaneously earning six figures with her tech company. You can get the whole story on her website, but her Twitter feed is a great place for sizzling small business marketing tips and a constant reminder that there are greener pastures if you’ve got wanderlust of your own. Follow @suitcasepreneur.

Samples from her feed:

8. @GrammarGirl

Even the most skilled writers need some grammar help from time to time. And if writing isn’t your greatest strength, wouldn’t it be nice to get a gradual education via your Twitter feed? Enter New York Times bestselling author Mignon Fogarty aka GrammarGirl. She’ll tell you what she’s covering on her latest podcast episodes and “quick and dirty” tips you can use in everything you write. Follow @GrammarGirl.

Samples from her feed:

9. @MelissaOnline

More than 120,000 followers get regular doses of entrepreneurial inspiration from the founder of She Owns It, a blog that celebrates, supports and connects women business owners. You can expect success stories that may galvanize you in new and exciting directions, plus wise business tips for any entrepreneur. Follow @MelissaOnline.

Samples from her feed:

10. @ramonray

The founder of the Smart Hustle magazine and blog, Ramon Ray is an entrepreneur who lives to energize other entrepreneurs. Look for practical but entertaining tweets that you can use in your business every day. Follow @ramonray.

Samples from his feed:

11. @BarbaraCorcoran

You know her face from ABC’s Shark Tank, but there’s a brilliant business mind behind the show business flare. Her two-line tweets may not look like much, but many are as profound and thought-provoking for small business owners as a 2,000-word feature in The New York Times. It’s worth a follow. Follow @BarbaraCorcoran.

Samples from her feed:

What Twitter accounts are your must-follows? Let us know in the comments below!

Heather Hudson

Written by Heather Hudson, Freelance Contributor

Posted on August 21, 2017