Accountants: Here’s How to Build a Better Workflow With Your Clients in FreshBooks

Looking to improve the way you work with your clients? Find out how to use FreshBooks to bring collaboration into your workflow.

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In any service-based business, your success is tied to getting things done for your clients. As an accounting professional, that means getting them done quickly and accurately.

That’s why it’s so important to have your workflow locked down. Whether you’re new to FreshBooks or a Certified expert, consider your typical workflow and think about how you can improve it.

Because FreshBooks is so intuitive for business owners to use, many accounting and bookkeeping professionals may choose to implement a collaborative accounting model. With this approach, the business owner manages some or all of the more operational tasks—giving you, the accounting professional, more time and space to act as the trusted advisor you are. Here’s how.

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    Use Tools That Business Owners Already Like

    It’s definitely possible to bring clients into your accounting workflow—even if they don’t consider themselves to be “numbers people.”

    “My clients see FreshBooks as a solution for them to run their business,” said Joshua Lance, CPA, and owner of Lance CPA Group. “I don’t think they even realize they’re doing accounting—they’re just doing all the things needed to run their business.”

    FreshBooks began as an invoicing solution for small business owners. Since then, it’s evolved into full-fledged accounting software with a range of functions ideally suited for scaling service and project-based businesses.

    “I always preach the KISS principle: Keep It Simple, Silly,” said Kate Josephine Johnson, owner of Heritage Business Services. “I think that most business owners—especially those who will be doing their own bookkeeping—need to keep their accounting streamlined.”

    Work Wonders With Your Workflows

    You’re familiar with accounting workflows as processes that automate, streamline, and optimize business practices. Depending on how you choose to work with your clients, there are plenty of ways for them to use FreshBooks features to contribute to your overall workflow.

    Straightforward Invoicing

    Simplify the process of getting paid with functionality that makes it straightforward to create, customize, and send Invoices. Relevant sales taxes can be added, Invoices that are always the same can be set as Recurring Payments, and Reminders can be sent to prevent late payments. Businesses can also get paid twice as fast with Online Payments, such as credit cards and platforms like Stripe and PayPal.

    A light lift that only requires minimal setup, invoicing and billing quickly become rinse-and-repeat tasks.

    Powering Productivity and Profitability

    FreshBooks’ Projects provide a space where business owners can connect with clients and Team Members to track the Project’s financials and enable end-to-end collaboration and communication.

    Project Profitability also offers an at-a-glance view of how the Project is progressing in terms of income and expenses. With the business owner managing their Projects, you can step in to advise on both short- and long-term trends.

    Adding Even Greater Value

    Once you and your clients are set up in FreshBooks, you can use the features below to tailor a workflow that makes the most sense for your firm.

    • Track Expenses—Easily scan and track receipts to your clients’ Expenses, so nothing is overlooked and there are no surprises at tax time.
    • Complete Bank Reconciliations—Connect bank and credit card accounts to help simplify your clients’ bank reconciliations.
    • Manage the Chart of Accounts (CoA)—Structure financial data according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) as well as the business’ needs.
    • Utilize Reporting—Use the robust Reporting features to see how the data from across their FreshBooks account comes together in financial statements.
    • Leverage Integrations—Choose from more than 100 apps to add even greater functionality, such as payroll and tax software.
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    Optimize Your Client Relationships

    Clear communication is key to setting up a collaborative workflow with your client. Before moving into more collaborative work, you should have a conversation to outline exactly which tasks you’ll each be responsible for.

    Relationships are built on trust. Your clients look to you as the expert, and the more confidence you instill, the deeper that trust will grow. Not only will you be able to offer greater value, but your clients will also be more receptive to the advice you give.

    Working It—Without Working Alone

    Whether you’re leading a firm or firmly a team of one, your mission to empower business owners is infinitely easier when you know you’re backed by people fueled by the same passion.

    Joining the FreshBooks Accounting Partner Program gives you access to an entire community of professionals just like you. You can also become FreshBooks Certified and enjoy the dedicated support of the Accounting Partner Program team.

    Michelle Gold-Mire

    Written by Michelle Gold-Mire, Freelance Contributor

    Posted on November 7, 2022