New: FreshBooks Updates from the 4E Team

Using feedback from real customers, the 4E Team is on a mission to make your experience extraordinary. Check out their recent FreshBooks updates.

Ever talked to our award-winning Support Team? Whether by phone or over email, one thing is clear – they’re exceptional. No phone trees, just real, live humans ready to help solve accounting woes at a moment’s notice.

But once the case is closed and you got your answers, have you ever wondered where your feedback goes? There’s now a team, dedicated to putting your questions, comments and suggestions into action. Meet the 4E Team.

Their mission is simple: to improve your FreshBooks experience. In fact, they use feedback from real customer support queries to simplify tasks and streamline your workflow. Plus, they’re even working to add moments of delight to brighten your day. Who wouldn’t want a less dreary tax season?!

Explore some of the team’s recent highlights below.

4E Product Team: Who Are They?

The name for the 4E Team comes from our FreshBooks mantra: Execute Extraordinary Experiences Every Day. This simple phrase is taken seriously and carried through every part of FreshBooks – from wall decals to the product itself and, of course, our Support Team.

The multi-disciplinary 4E Team is comprised of developers, a designer and associate product manager. In fact, two members even started at FreshBooks as Support Rockstars, so they know first-hand how to ensure exceptional customer experiences.

While the team is still relatively new, they’ve been working hard to ship updates. And, using your comments, will continue to improve all areas of the app so you can get your best work done, in record time.

“Using feedback from real customers, the 4E Team has been working hard to improve the everyday FreshBooks experience. So, please know that when you call our awesome Support Rockstars, your comments are heard and put to action!” – Clare Curtis, Associate Product Manager

4E Product Team: Recent Updates

Let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights the 4E Team shipped over the last few months.

Edit Your Item & Service Management

FreshBooks updates

This was a very popular customer request! Now you’re able to edit and delete items and services right from your account. No more annoying workarounds means you can keep your information accurate in less time.

New Bulk Actions

FreshBooks updates

This minor update will save you major time. Instead of manually completing actions, the 4E Team has built bulk functions to help you finish admin chores quickly. Bulk actions include: marking as sent, mark as paid, bulk print and download as PDF.

Easily Delete a Business

FreshBooks updates

This was another popular customer request. Now you can delete any additional businesses that might be under your account – no need to contact support or try a workaround.

If you have questions or feedback, our award-winning Support Team is here to help at: or 1.866.303.6061.

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