FreshBooks x Podcast Movement 2017: Pitch Your Podcast Winners Revealed

FreshBooks created Pitch Your Podcast for Podcast Movement 2017 in Anaheim, California—here’s how it all went down!

FreshBooks touched down in Anaheim this year for the Podcast Movement, the world’s largest and longest running podcast conference for new and emerging podcasters. As podcasts continue to grow in popularity, we were thrilled to meet—and have the chance to support—small, independent podcasters from around the country.

FreshBooks has proudly supported the podcasting community for years. Not only because podcasts deliver content that help FreshBooks customers succeed, but because behind every podcast, sits another small business owner.

This is why the Pitch Your Podcast initiative was created for the Podcast Movement—to give new and emerging podcasters a chance to earn a sponsorship.

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Over 30 podcaster participants sat down 1:1 with FreshBooks during the conference. Here, they were able to tell their story of what drove them to podcast in the first place.

In their pitch, they also had a chance to demonstrate what set their podcast aside from the rest, outline how FreshBooks would be a good fit for their show and ask any other questions about sponsorship. Overall, there were some truly inspiring stories and passionate pitches!

Out of the many awesome participants of Pitch Your Podcast this year, here are the selected podcasts and podcasters for sponsorship.

Big congratulations to:

podcast movement

LuAnn Nigara of Well Designed Business Podcast – a hands-on podcast that delivers real business skills from some of the top interior designers. LuAnn’s laser focus pitch and attention to detail really inspired us, and serves as reminder that we could learn a thing or two from her Podcast.

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Kwame Christian of Negotiate Anything Podcast – a fun and informative podcast on effective persuasion during difficult conversations. Kwame’s lovely personality, well thought out pitch, and indeed excellent negotiation skills really won us over.

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Pablo Fuentes of Small Business War Stories — a podcast that showcases how personal storytelling can connect and unite small business owners. Stories of Pablo’s travels, his discussions with small business owners, and his go-get-‘em attitude really resonated with FreshBooks’ values. We’re excited to hear more of his stories in the upcoming season!

Thank you to the Podcast Movement for graciously hosting Pitch Your Podcast at their conference this year.

FreshBooks is always looking for new podcasts to support—so if you’re interested in sponsorship, don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing:

We very much look forward to the next opportunity in store. Happy podcasting, folks.

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