Small Business Ghouls & Gals: Happy Freshoween ‘17!

Boo! Wishing you and your team a Happy Halloween (a.k.a. Freshoween) from all of us here at FreshBooks.

Things were feeling ghoulish at FreshBooks HQ yesterday! The annual Freshoween tradition was back, which means we ditched our regular attire to dress up as our favorite hero, villain, creature, celebrity or even colleague! (Yup, it’s happened before.)

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If you and your team got into the Halloween spirit too, let’s see your spooktacular celebration! Tag your photos on social media using #Freshoween17.

We covered all the Freshoween fun throughout the day on FreshBooks’ Instagram. Check out our Stories and posts from yesterday!

The entire photo album is now up on our Facebook page as well! All of the costumes were epic, so we’re thrilled to have so many snapshot memories from the day.

A Big Congratulations to Our Three Freshoween Costume Contest Winners

First Place: Erynn Bockler as Samwise Gamgee & The Frodo Doll

Second Place: Billy Terry as Morticia Addams

Third Place: Levi Cooperman as Miss Piggy

A Look Back at Freshoween 2016

Oh, the memories…

halloween contest

Ghouls & Gals: Presenting #Freshoween17!

Check out a sneak peek of the entire day’s Freshoween festivities below.

AS IF! #freshoween17

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Bento box ? #freshoween17

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I’m French Kiss ? ?? #freshoween17

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Under His Eye

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Family Halloween #freshoween17 #misspiggy #unicorn #snowwhite

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Hey Ron! What’s the sitch? #kimpossible #ronstoppable #freshoween17

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We saved our local Chock’lit Shoppe! ???. #milkshakegang #freshoween17

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Happy Halloween! Bride of Frankenstein meets Shelley from Twin Peaks – the best crossover. #Freshoween17 ??

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Happy Halloween! #halloween #freshoween17 #halloweencostume #medusa #statue

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Avast ye team MATEYS! #freshoween17

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