International Women’s Day 2018: 9 Case Studies of Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs

Happy International Women’s Day to all our customers and small business owners!

Everyone has a story. At FreshBooks, we’re all about seeing small business owners thrive. But we know that in order for you to bask in success, you must weather the challenges first (it’s what makes that heroine’s journey that much more fulfilling).

So to celebrate International Women’s Day in 2018, we share some of our favorite stories of entrepreneurial test and triumph from some incredible women and FreshBooks customers.

Ana Gotter

ana gotter

“Someone in my [writers’] group mentioned FreshBooks and a couple other services. I wanted to build my business the way these women had already built theirs. I always took their advice very seriously.”

Read the full case study: Meet Ana, a Business Writer Who Uses Cloud Accounting to Stay on Top of Her Cash Flow and Ease the Pain of Tax Time

Jamie Leigh

jamie leigh

“I work primarily with female business owners who may or may not do their work online… so we dig deeper into who they’re trying to reach and who their audience is.”

Read the full case study: Meet Jamie, a Web Designer Who Uses Cloud Accounting to Master Organization and Grow a Profitable Business

Marilyn Aston

marilyn aston

“Having the freedom to do [focus on clients] without needing to sit down and do paperwork is great. That’s a big deal, especially when you’re running things by yourself.”

Read the full case study: Meet Marilyn, a Dog Trainer Who Uses Cloud Accounting to Manage Her Canine Clientele

Kali Hawlk

kali hawlk

“I watched my firm grow exponentially in its first full year. I acquired more clients, increased my revenue and kept my costs down. But amidst the excitement of building a thriving business in a short amount of time, I quickly realized I spent far too much time on administrative work.”

Read the full case study: Meet Kali, Founder of Creative Advisor Marketing, Who Made the Switch from Spreadsheets to Easy Cloud Accounting

Bethany Leighty

bethany leighty

“As a web and graphic designer, I thrive on giving my clients a personalized experience in order to help tell their brand stories. So I spend a lot of time on the go, meeting them face-to-face to build those relationships. As a result, I knew I needed to find an accounting solution that I could use beyond my home office.”

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Erin Blaskie

erin blaskie

“Entrepreneurship is all about exploring what I want, and not necessarily following the traditional path. Inevitably, I ran into challenges as a business owner.”

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Lisa Simone Richards

lisa simone

“From all my experience, there was one type of client I was the most attracted to: I loved working with entrepreneurs. That’s what inspired me to break out on my own and start my first company

Read the full case study: Meet Lisa Simone, a PR Professional Who Tripled Her Business’ Revenue While Using a Cloud-Based Accounting Solution

Sam White

sam white

“To share my experiences about the transition to freelancing, I turned to YouTube where I created my channel, IamSamWhite. My hope is to use these videos as a way to engage with other freelancers who experience the same struggles and triumphs—and help them understand they’re not alone.”

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Elizabeth David-Dembrowsky

elizabeth david-dembrowsky

“If I could help create the habit of [my interns] using FreshBooks while they’re a student of mine, hopefully they’ll be able to carry that with them as they finish their studies and start to practice.”

Read the full case study: Meet Elizabeth, a Legal Services Professional, Who Considers FreshBooks a Healthy Habit

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