New: Manage All Your Invoice Payments in One Place

The all new Payments page from FreshBooks makes it easier than ever to track and manage invoice payments.

payments page

Good news: You have clients who pay you! And if you find managing those payments easy, that’s amazing. But for many business owners, managing many payments from many clients can be a real challenge. You can easily lose track of: Who paid what? When did they pay? Did they use cash or credit? Even worse, you can hurt client relationships if you’re not on top of things and ask the wrong questions.

To tackle these challenges, FreshBooks designed an all new Payments page. It gives you greater control over managing every payment you receive, in whichever form your clients prefer to pay.

What Is the Payments Page?

Simply put, it’s a page that breaks down every payment you’ve ever received. It also allows you to edit past payments, so you don’t have to click into individual invoices when you need to update information.

Where Is the Payments Page?

It’s already live in your account! You’ll find it in your blue navigation menu, just below the Invoices tab. The screenshot below shows you where exactly it is:

payments page

What Can I Do on the Payments Page?

You’ll be able to view, edit, and filter all your payments in one place, so you can minimize the need to click into individual invoices.

The payments page breaks entries down by:

  • Client
  • Payment Date
  • Type of Payment (e.g. Check, Visa, Bank Transfer)
  • Amount

And each payment is color coded as blue or green to show how much they can be edited:

  • Blue: These are online payments and only their Notes can be edited. 
  • Green: These are manual payments and you can add, edit or delete them directly on the Payments page.

How Can I Find Specific Payments?

The Payments page also makes it easy to filter through invoice payments. You can use filters to find specific payments, sort by payment type, or find a particular client’s invoice history. Easily sort by:

  • Start and End – Specify a date range
  • Type – Choose one or multiple payment methods
  • Currency – Choose a specific currency to filter by
  • Client – Choose a Client to filter by

What Else Can the Payments Page Help Me With?

The Payments page is also tied directly to your Profit and Loss Report. This will show you which individual invoices are tied to larger quarterly sales numbers. It’s a helpful way of understanding how your invoice revenue breaks down, month by month.

payments page P&L

If You Need Us, We’re Here

Your business’ success is always top of mind for us. So if you have any questions on how to use the Payments page, or anything else, we’re here to help: or 1.866.303.6061.

Ready to use the Payments page? Click here to learn more or log into your account and check it out for yourself!

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