New: Mark Time as Unbilled

Need to mark time as unbilled? Use this new feature to update your records quickly and in bulk.

You already use FreshBooks to keep tidy records for expenses, tracked time and, of course, invoices.

While working, you’ve probably manually marked an invoice as paid. Whether your client gave you cash or a check, you make sure to make that update to your account. But what about marking time as unbilled?

While it might seem like a strange concept, several customers requested this update to either fix an admin error or have the option to bill for logged time again. This small enhancement is just another way FreshBooks helps you spend less time keeping your records organized, for tax season and beyond.

Unbilled Time: What Is It?

Like we mentioned, marking time as unbilled is useful in two cases:

  1. If you or someone on your team categorized a time entry incorrectly
  2. If you need to rebill a client for time again

These tasks are small but are part of keeping accurate records. And why do records matter? You’ll be thanking yourself when tax season comes. Imagine being able to stress less and check it off your list quickly. It’s not too good to be true!

How It Works

Editing the status of your invoice to unbilled is quick, here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Head to the Time Tracking tab on your blue navigation.

mark time as unbilled

Step 2: Select the entries that you want to edit by clicking the little box beside each name.

mark time as unbilled

Step 3: Click “Actions” then select “Mark as Unbilled.”

mark time as unbilled

Plus, A Bonus Update!

New to your Dashboard: See a graph of all your Unbilled Time. With this clear, color-coded breakdown, you can easily view all unbilled time for each client. Plus, you even have the option to generate an invoice directly from the chart by hovering over a color. It’s clear, simple and quick!

mark time as unbilled


If you’d like more time tracking tips and tricks, visit this helpful FAQ or give our Support Team a shout:

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