New: Redesigned Time Tracking Experience

Here at FreshBooks we appreciate feedback because it gives us the insight to continually build something even better.

We’ve taken your feedback and have redesigned the web Time Tracking experience to better suit how most people enter their time.

Here’s a rundown of how to now track time, based on whether you use the Timer, Day sub-tab or Week sub-tab. For more details, check out the How do I track time? FAQ article.


If you often use the timer, you can now find it in the Day sub-tab, by clicking on the stopwatch icon next to the New Entry button:

time tracking experience

Day Sub-Tab

When you click on the Time Tracking section from the main navigation menu, you’ll see that the Day sub-tab looks different. Instead of a timeline of your day (from 8 am – 6 pm), you’ll see today’s date highlighted in a week sub-tab running from Sunday to Saturday:

time tracking experience

With the new redesign, all of your entries for the day are now displayed as a list. This will have detail on the amount of time tracked, your client, project, service and any notes. Now there’s no more confusion on which block of time is which:

time tracking experience

The grand total of time logged for the day is also displayed in the bottom right corner, so you can easily keep track of your day’s work.

Note: If you’re looking for all of your time entries that used to be in a list below the Day sub-tab on the old experience, you’ll now find them over in the Review tab instead. This houses all the time entries that you’ve ever tracked, and also the rest of your team’s entries in one central place (if any are logged).

Week Sub-Tab

Click on the Week sub-tab and you’ll see the option to log time on a weekly basis. This is ideal for users who are used to logging time at the end of every week, or often log similar hours every day of the week:

time tracking experience

Logging time for the week is now much faster. The old experience required you to log each time entry individually up to 7 times over the week but that’s no longer required with the new Week sub-tab!

Tap on New Row and you can add hours from Sunday to Saturday for the week for every unique Project. Each Project gets its own line in the Week sub-tab, and you can see the weekly total at the right-most column:

time tracking experience

When you’ve already tracked time on a previous week, you’ll see the option to copy over all rows from your most recent timesheet on a new week. This is especially handy if you find yourself logging the same information every week, and can save a lot of time:

time tracking experience

And just like with the Day sub-tab, you can find all of the time entries you’ve ever logged in the Week sub-tab over in the Review tab, where the rest of your team’s time entries will be (if any are logged).

Want to Learn More?

If you want to dig in deeper with the new experience, you can read more in the How do I track time? FAQ article. If you have questions or feedback please reach out the Support Team at: or 1.866.303.6061.

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