Best Productivity Apps and Integrations in FreshBooks: 2023 Roundup

Discover how productive you really can be with these FreshBooks integrations.

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Is one of your goals to make 2023 your most productive year yet? You can try all the hacks that are made available to you, but being truly productive goes beyond tomato-timing your workday.

To achieve productivity greatness, it starts by automating your workflow. In other words, letting go of the time-consuming (but essential) tasks that you have as a small business owner.

Good news: We have integrations you can easily connect right to your FreshBooks account that could do just that!

Here are some of our favorite apps and integrations to help with your productivity in 2023. Get ready to transform into the better, faster, stronger, more productive you…starting now.

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Lending and Accounts Receivable: Fundbox (U.S. Only)

Leave cash flow worries at the door. Take control of your money, collect payments on late and unpaid invoices and stay on top of finances. All you have to do is connect Fundbox to your FreshBooks account. Use it to help squash cash flow drama—and unlike traditional loans, you’ll only pay for what you use. Learn more

Client Scheduling to Help Stay on Track: Acuity Scheduling

It’s like a personal assistant for your small business. Don’t spend all your time booking meetings with your clients—Acuity Scheduling allows you to automate your client bookings, meeting cancellations, reminders and payments without a fuss. All you have to do is sync it with your FreshBooks account! Learn more

CRM: Capsule CRM and Piesync

Collect and keep track of your leads and clients with Capsule CRM and Piesync.

Capsule CRM allows you to add leads and track opportunities. Beyond that, you’ll also have an accessible view, which will help estimate incoming revenue and manage your company milestones. Learn more

Be on the same page as your client at all times with Piesync. Use Piesync to connect your FreshBooks account to over 100 tools to streamline data and ensure your customer information is always accurate. Learn more

On-the-Go Mileage Tracking: Everlance

When business takes you on the road, Everlance can help keep track of how far you go. Rated the #1 mileage tracking app, Everlance is designed to help you track your business mileage and maximize your tax deductions. Save time (and money) by effortlessly tracking your mileage! Learn more

Capture Leads in a Snap: 123FormBuilder

No need to play the guessing game with clients. With the 123FormBuilder integration in FreshBooks, you can easily capture your client’s information with every form that’s filled out.

Each completed form is then sent to your FreshBooks account, so you can issue their invoice without delay. You can even customize your forms in several languages to cater to international clients. Learn more

Streamline Marketing with Your Business: Mailchimp and Hubspot

No need to fuss over Photoshop to create emails your clients will love. By adding Mailchimp to your FreshBooks account, you can start sending beautiful emails, advertise and build your brand. The Mailchimp integration in FreshBooks is offered through OneSaaS, Zapier and Piesync. Learn more

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You can also connect Hubspot to your FreshBooks account to seamlessly manage your clients and get the information you need to evaluate the return on your marketing efforts and better manage relationships with your clients. Learn more

Make Payroll Simple: Gusto (US Only)

Spend less time worrying about payroll and more time doing what you set out to do as a small business owner. By connecting Gusto to your FreshBooks account, you can set up recurring payment schedules and allow automatic expense categorization. Learn more

Master Project Management: GSuite, Basecamp, Trello, Asana

Stay super organized and maximize your productivity with stellar project management.

GSuite enables you to sync your Google contacts, preview your client emails from Gmail and allows a single sign-in experience. Learn more

The Basecamp, Trello and Asana integrations in FreshBooks helps you stay on top of projects assigned to you. And with the FreshBooks Chrome extension, you can accurately log time spent on each one of those projects. Learn more

Get Organized for Tax Time: Hurdlr and Yearli (US Only)

Now that 2023 is upon us, that means one thing for small business owners: Tax time. It’s also the season that brings the most strain to freelancer productivity.

The Hurdlr app in FreshBooks helps you with tax estimates, deductions and filing. Plus connecting to FreshBooks is simple. Create an account in Hurdlr using your FreshBooks account info, and your FreshBooks data will already be synced in Hurdlr! Learn more

Offered to US FreshBooks customers only, Yearli takes the pressure off tax time by generating and filing your 1099-MISC forms. Learn more

Automate Your Workflow: Use Zapier to Connect to Thousands of Apps

Unlock the power of automation in your small business with help from Zapier.

Zapier helps you connect your FreshBooks account with hundreds of other apps to automate your day-to-day. Productivity, at last! Learn more

Online Payments: FreshBooks Payments and Stripe

After you complete a project, all that’s left to do is get paid. But sometimes, getting paid can be the most frustrating (and time-consuming) step. Speed up the payment process by adding online payments to your FreshBooks account. With FreshBooks Payments and Stripe, you can automatically record payments, set up recurring payments, accept international currencies and much more.

Start collecting online payments in your FreshBooks account today. Learn more

Say Hello to Productivity in 2023

You’re well on your way to a more productive year with these tools. Simply select the integrations above to help you automate your workflow and take the pressure off your day-to-day tasks, at last. Happy productivity!

P.S. These are just a handful of our favorite productivity apps. To see the full list, visit the FreshBooks integrations page.

Lisa Craymer

Written by Lisa Craymer, Senior Content Marketer, FreshBooks

Posted on January 21, 2019