Partners to Help You Prepare for Tax Season

With year end fast approaching, it's time to think about getting your books in order. FreshBooks has a number of partners who will help you do just that!


As a small business owner, you need a Swiss Army knife of apps, tools and partners at your disposal. And at no time do you feel that more than at year-end, as you start to think ahead to closing off your books for another tax year.

We’re here to help. Did you know that FreshBooks integrates seamlessly with tons of other apps? Our partners not only make you more productive but also take that load off your shoulders at tax time…

Top Partners to Help You at Tax Time

1. Take a Seat: Meet Bench Bookkeeping

Recording financial transactions are about as exciting as… well, recording financial transactions. And whether you work with an accountant or not, there’s still so much to do every month…

Enter our online bookkeeping service partner, Bench.

Bench combines smart software with an affordable virtual bookkeeper, who acts as your second set of financial eyes each month.

With a dedicated virtual bookkeeper, you can share the responsibility of managing your books with an expert who knows your business inside and out. This is especially important as your business grows and becomes more and more complex to manage from a financial standpoint.

You and your accountant can forget about pesky admin chores and instead spend time on what matters most at tax time: Financial forecasting.

2. Leap into Easy Street: Here’s Hurdlr

Not quite sure about your mileage, how much you’re spending or the amount you need to set aside for taxes? Stop guessing, put down those scraps of paper and try Hurdlr.

In real-time, you can see exactly where your money’s going. Seriously – if you take a client for coffee, drive to a job site and then check on tax deductions, you’ll be able to review updates instantly.

Plus, on average, users find over $5,600 in tax deductions! That’s like the cost of a really great vacation.

3. Claim Mileage on Taxes: Track on the Go with Everlance

When business takes you on the road, why not use the #1-rated mileage tracker? Everlance’s beautiful design mixes with powerful features to create the most seamless mileage tracking experience. So much so, it’s been rated #1 in app stores.

The app also has an Instant Deduction Finder. In under 30 seconds, it finds all the possible deductions in your card history. The Instant Deduction Finder is available for iPhones and will soon be released for Android.

If you have an Android, you can still take advantage of Everlance’s automatic expense tracking right now—plus, you’ll be the first to know when Instant Deduction Finder is released! Fun fact: The average Everlance subscriber finds $6,500 in deductions each year!

4. Keep Important Information Flowing: Taxfyle

Tax time often means a lot of downloading and uploading of information from different sources. If this sounds like a headache (it is!), you should check out Taxfyle.

stand tall

Taxfyle’s integration with FreshBooks seamlessly transfers the most important source documents that your tax professional relies on to get your taxes started.

When you connect your FreshBooks account with Taxfyle your Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, and Trial Balance will automatically be transferred over to Taxfyle allowing your assigned Tax Pro to start working on your tax return.

In Conclusion

To make for an easy-breezy year-end, FreshBooks is here to help. These apps are just a handful of integration partners that FreshBooks has to make running your business even easier.

Come tax time, you’ll have all your ducks in a row.

This post was updated in February 2020.

Lisa Craymer

Written by Lisa Craymer, Senior Content Marketer, FreshBooks

Posted on February 8, 2021