Roundup: Monthly Product Updates, March 2018

It's not only the weather that's improving this month. FreshBooks is too! See what's new in our monthly product update.

At FreshBooks, small business owners are our number one (that’s you!) With that in mind, we’re constantly finding ways to improve and innovate FreshBooks to suit your needs today, so you can thrive tomorrow.

Here’s what’s been improved in March, as well as some late additions from last month:

Updates to Existing Features

German and Portuguese Languages: German and Portuguese are now added as options for Invoices, Estimates and Proposals as well.

New Features

E-Signatures: You can now request your clients’ e-Signature before they accept a Proposal before beginning work.

February’s Late Additions

Reference Field: A Reference Field has been added to the Invoices and Estimates templates so that you can include a Purchase Order (PO) number, project code, or any other 25 character reference on your Invoices.

Billable Rates: Team Members’ rates can now be managed from the My Team page with the addition of a Billable Rate field.

New Features

Spanish and Dutch Languages: Spanish, Spanish (Latin America) and Dutch languages have now been added as options for Invoices, Estimates and Proposals.

Team Permissions: Add new team members as a Business Partner, Basic Employee or Contractor depending on which permissions you want to grant the team member.

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