What’s New on FreshBooks? Monthly Product Update, September 2017

It's that time again! Check out what's new and improved on FreshBooks in our monthly product update.

At FreshBooks, small business owners are our number one (that’s you!) With that in mind, we’re constantly finding ways to improve and innovate FreshBooks to suit your needs today, so you can thrive tomorrow.

Here’s what’s new and improved on FreshBooks in September.

New Features

Sticky Headers: As you scroll through any page in FreshBooks, the headers will shrink and remain stuck to the top, making it easier to know which page or columns are being viewed at that moment.

Updates to Existing Features

Create and Share PDFs on Android: You can now create and share PDFs while using the FreshBooks Mobile App for Android.

View Line Item Descriptions on Mobile: While viewing an Invoice on mobile, the full description of every line item will now be visible.

Last-Minute Additions from August

Sorting in Projects: Finding a particular Project is easier now that you can sort by Project Name or End Date. Click on either of these headers to organize the list.

Items Per List: We’ve now increased the number of items per list from 15 to 30, making it easier to view more content on a single page.

Sync Loading Screen, Notifications and Estimate Conversations on Android: When using the FreshBooks Mobile App for Android, a detailed loading screen is now available, along with the ability to view your Notifications and correspond with your Clients on Estimates.

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