New: Updates to the Navigation Bar in FreshBooks

With this new update, FreshBooks makes it even easier to find what you need to run your business smoothly.

We’ve got some good news: The navigation bar in your FreshBooks account just got a mini makeover. This is all in an effort to give you, the small business owner, a more organized way to find the reports you need as we continue to add more key features in the future.

After all, you already have so much on your plate as a business owner. So digging through your account to access the invoicing and accounting reports you need shouldn’t be a worry you bear.

Navigation Bar in FreshBooks: What’s New?

  • We removed the More section and introduced a more intuitive experience for finding your invoicing, accounting and reports
  • We bucketed the Other Income report into the Invoices tab
  • Lastly, we added two new sections, Accounting and Reports, for easy access to the numbers that matter to you

A More Seamless Experience in the Invoices Tab

We’ve moved the Other Income section into the Invoices tab. It’s now easier (and faster) than ever to access invoices and keep track of your income!

navigation bar

Fast Access to Important Numbers with the Accounting and Reports Tabs

Accounting in FreshBooks is built for you, not your accountant. The new Accounting tab is just one way of placing you in the driver’s seat of your business—putting you in control of your long-term success.

And Accounting in FreshBooks is only growing from here! Find all the accounting reports you need in this new section.

The new Reports tab will give you an easier and faster way to find the data that matters to you most.

navigation bar

Need a Hand?

If you have any questions about the updates to the navigation (or anything in between) our award-winning Support Team is happy to help. Email or call 1.866.303.6061

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