New: Search for Uncategorized Expenses

With this update, you’ll be able to keep your uncategorized Expenses organized in less time.

You already do your business a favor by organizing your Expenses in FreshBooks. Whether it’s snapping a photo of a receipt or using the handy categories, you’ve set yourself up for success come tax time or month end.

But what about keeping those uncategorized Expenses organized? If you didn’t have time to add a category or create your own, trying to track down those receipts used to be a bit of a headache.

Not anymore!

Now you can easily search for uncategorized Expenses right in your FreshBooks account. See how it works below.

Search for Uncategorized Expenses: How Does It Work?

uncategorized expenses

Step 1: From your Dashboard, click the Expenses tab from the left blue menu.

uncategorized expenses

Step 2: On your Expenses page, scroll down and click the “Search” bar on the right.

uncategorized expenses

Step 3: Simply check the box for “Uncategorized Expenses” and click “Apply.”


If you have questions about uncategorized Expenses or anything else, our award-winning Support Team can give you a hand at: or 1.866.303.6061.

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