New Year’s Resolution? Fix the Way We Do Payroll

Why is paying your team so hard?

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How do you solve a problem like Payroll?

As a business owner, you have enough on your plate — but payroll is simply a fact of business life. Like the moon, it rises and falls every month. Sometimes it sneaks up on you, leading to late nights spent plugging numbers into a spreadsheet or digging through old inboxes and invoices to pay your team. While you’ve probably found a system that’s good enough to get the job done (and get your team paid), we believe you deserve something better than “good enough.”

That’s why we’re kicking off 2024 by being the change we’ve all been waiting for. FreshBooks has built the perfect cure for your payroll pains: An intuitively all-in-one solution where all the tools you need are in one place.

But first things first…

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    Why is Payroll Such a Pain?

    The ability to pay your team on time (and in full) and to file your payroll taxes is the mark of any professional business owner.

    Therefore, you’d think it wouldn’t be such a hectic process, right? Wrong! Many business owners still find payroll a hassle.

    The question is: Why?

    Well, first things first, business owners can have a difficult time figuring out how to pay their team the right way. And that can be a time-consuming process. As an owner, you are responsible for ensuring that your employees are paid fairly and accurately, as small mistakes can lead to significant accounting issues and unhappy employees.

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    In the ever-changing world of U.S. payroll tax laws, regulations, and compliance standards, owners must keep up to date with all changes to avoid getting into trouble with the IRS.

    On top of all this, if owners don’t have all accounting and payroll information available in one place it can be difficult to see an overall picture of business health — leaving room for potential errors and discrepancies in business planning.

    If only there were a simple (yet intuitive) way to run all your payroll tasks in one place — making the process as painless as possible.

    Well, you asked. And FreshBooks answered.

    In 2024, U.S business owners can ring in the new year with a full-service payroll solution in one single platform.

    Say Hello to FreshBooks Payroll

    In January 2024, FreshBooks is launching an embedded, full-service payroll solution that U.S.-based business owners can add to their monthly subscriptions. FreshBooks will expand its payroll capabilities in partnership with Gusto, an industry-leading provider of HR and payroll technology.

    All the tools you need for payroll and beyond, effortlessly contained in one place.

    Since 2017, FreshBooks and Gusto have worked side-by-side to empower businesses with comprehensive, integrated solutions that are both time-saving and problem-solving for users. And we’re bringing that same energy into 2024.

    We’ll see you there.

    Jasmine Roberts

    Written by Jasmine Roberts, Content Marketing Manager, FreshBooks

    Posted on December 12, 2023