New: Run Seamless Payroll on FreshBooks With the KeyPay Integration

UK users can now easily run payroll and seamlessly sync journal entries with the KeyPay FreshBooks integration.

Without the right tools, running payroll can be tedious. You’re constantly juggling between apps, calculating the proper taxes, and making sure every hour is accounted for. At some point you’re going to miss something, and the last group of people you want to let down are your team members.

To help, you can now automate your payroll using the KeyPay integration on FreshBooks. Plus, you can export your payroll details to the FreshBooks general ledger, and automatically sync journal entries for more accurate accounting.

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What Is KeyPay?

KeyPay is FreshBooks’ payroll partner for UK customers. It’s easy-to-use software that automates your pay runs within a single platform, and syncs journal entries into your FreshBooks account.

How Does KeyPay Work?

Once your FreshBooks account is connected, KeyPay allows you to run your payroll and then automatically exports your payroll details to the FreshBooks general ledger.

How Do I Add the KeyPay Integration?

To add KeyPay:

  1. Visit the KeyPay integration page.
  2. Click Get KeyPay.
  3. And follow the steps on screen.

You’ll also find steps on how to map your payroll and export your journal entries on this page.

What Else Can KeyPay Help Me With?

How does automated paperwork sound? Every time you run payroll in KeyPay, FreshBooks automatically captures and tracks your journal entries for you. No more flipping between apps to make sure your numbers line up.

If You Need Help, FreshBooks Is Here

If you have any questions about KeyPay, a team of Support Rockstars is ready to help you out. Contact them here.

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