What’s New in FreshBooks – 2023

A roundup of all the newest features launched in FreshBooks in 2023. Check back in every month for regular updates.

freshbooks product releases 2023

FreshBooks releases new features and updates every month – designed to make accounting even easier for your business. And this post is the best place to check in on all the latest changes.

January 2023

Change Time Zones for Both Your Business and User Accounts

Work with team members in different parts of the world? You can now adjust the time zones associated to both your business, as well as individual accounts. This allows employees to log time entries in their time zone, and have it reflected in yours.

Easily Update Business Information From Within Documents

While on an Invoice, Estimate or Proposal, you can now hover over your Business Details and click on the Edit Business Information button to change your details directly inside a document.

Show or Hide Your Phone Number and Address on Documents

On Invoices, Recurring Templates, Estimates, Proposals and Credits, you can now show or hide your Business’ Phone Number and/or Address.

🇬🇧 VAT Filing Is Now Available to Those on a Flat Rate Scheme

Making Tax Digital for VAT allows you to submit VAT Returns digitally to HMRC using FreshBooks. And now, the integration is available to businesses on a Flat Rate Scheme.

February 2023

Create Custom Due Dates on the iOS App

You can now create a custom invoice due date via the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS – giving you more control over how and when you get paid.

Need to send an invoice link on-the-go? The Share Link now generates a shorter unique link on the FreshBooks Mobile App for Android.

When Exporting a CSV, Address Line 2 Is Now Included

If you’re exporting a list of Clients or Vendors, the second address line is now included if it has been filled in. This will make your CSV exports more detailed and accurate.

March 2023

Payments Are Now Easier to Create and Edit

We have made improvements to the input fields on Payments, making them easier to deal with when creating or editing.

Track the History of Your Documents More Accurately

When viewing the history on an Invoice, Estimate, or Proposal, the year is now displayed next to any date stamp if the event did not occur in the present year.

Track Your Team Members’ Capacity At-A-Glance

As part of Project Profitability, you can now set your Team Members’ Capacity and track the utilization rate on the Team Utilization Report.

States and Provinces Are Now Abbreviated on Documents

If the Country is set to Canada or the US for any address, the Province or State is automatically abbreviated (two letters) on Invoices, Estimates and Proposals.

Updated Invoice Options Menu on iOS

The options menu is now updated to reflect all functionality while creating or editing Invoices on the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS.

April 2023

Find Potential Expense Matches for Scanned Receipts

If a scanned Receipt matches the Date and Amount of an existing Expense or Bill, this is flagged as a Potential Match for you to attach the image to instead.

Change the Date Your Calendar Week Starts On

You can now choose whether you want calendars to start on Sunday or Monday in your account. Just go into the Business section of your settings to make the change.

Assign Income Accounts to Items & Services

Items & Services can now be assigned to Income Accounts in your Chart of Accounts. This will make it easier to more accurately track all your numbers.

Payments and Partial Payments Just Got Easier on iOS

Set up online payments and manage them in the new Online Payments Settings area, as well as accept partial payments while creating or editing Invoices on the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS.

May 2023

Easily Search Through Bank Transactions

You can now search your Unreconciled Bank Transactions by amount, date, or description. This will make it easier to find the entry you’re looking for.

Specify Currency When Importing a CSV for Expenses

When importing a list of Expenses, you can now choose the format your currency is in. It’s a small change that will make it easier to organize all your numbers in your preferred currency.

Address Line 2 Added to CSV Imports

When importing a list of Clients or Vendors, Address Line 2 can now be included in the CSV file.

Updated Invoice Options Menu on the Android App

The options menu is now updated to reflect all functionality while creating or editing Invoices on the FreshBooks Mobile App for Android.

June 2023

Add Your Team for Free on FreshBooks

Add Team Members as Unassigned to store their information at no extra cost.

Multi-Language Emails Templates

Email Templates can now be customized in other languages based on your Client’s language. Email Template defaults are provided for French and Spanish (Latin America).

Use FreshBooks in Spanish

In your Account settings, you can now choose to use your FreshBooks account in Spanish and as the default language for all Client communications.

Accountants: Manage Clients More Easily With the Accountant Hub

Easily add clients, manage their books, and toggle between client accounts from one central location with the free FreshBooks Accountant Hub.

July 2023

FreshBooks in Spanish on Android

Set your Android device to Spanish, and the FreshBooks Mobile App for Android will be displayed in Spanish.

Balance Sheet in Collected (Cash-Based)

You can now run the Balance Sheet in Collected (Cash-Based).

August 2023

Archiving Income Accounts

When archiving Income Accounts, Items and Services will be reassigned to the Sales Account under the Revenue Parent Account instead.

Updated Business Switcher

The Business switcher now includes links to the Accountant Hub and Developer Hub, as well as updates to support keyboard navigation.

Time Format

Choose to have your time displayed in 12 hour or 24 hour format in your Account settings.

September 2023

Verify By Code

When signing up for FreshBooks, you have the option to verify your account by code or by email.

Accountant Hub Log in to Client’s Account Opens in Frame

When using Log in to Client’s Account as an Accountant Hub user, the Client’s FreshBooks account now opens in the same window in a frame.

Send Estimates and Proposals using Share via Link to share outside of email.

October 2023

FreshBooks in English (Canada)

In your Account settings, you can now choose to use your FreshBooks account in either English (United States) or English (Canada).

Updated Profit and Loss Report Filters

View a breakdown of your Income by Transaction Type or by Account on the Profit and Loss Report.

November 2023

Updated Navigation and New Settings Section

In Beta: The navigation experience has been updated along with a new Settings page for all business settings, and a new top menu for account settings.

Retained Earnings on Balance Sheet

Retained Earnings is now displayed on the Balance Sheet.

Coming Soon

FreshBooks Payroll powered by Gusto

In Beta:Businesses in the US can sign up for FreshBooks Payroll and payroll for employees, file payroll taxes, and maintain labor compliance.

Interested in trying FreshBooks Payroll? Join the priority waitlist here.

For a full changelog and list of upcoming releases check out our Changes and Updates support page.


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Posted on January 30, 2023