New & Improved in FreshBooks: PayPal, Project Manager Role, and More

Always improving! These are FreshBooks' latest product updates for November 2020.

product updates november

There are only a few months left of the year, but still a handful of new product updates being added to FreshBooks. Here’s a look at all the new and improved features that launched in November.

PayPal Is Now on the New FreshBooks

Get paid in 25 currencies from 202 countries on an Invoice or by using a Checkout Link with PayPal. It’s built to make it easier for your clients to pay in their preferred currency, while helping you track everything in yours. For a detailed look into how PayPal works on FreshBooks, click here.

Project Manager Role Now Available on Projects

You can now easily assign an Employee as a Project Manager on a Project. This allows them to invoice for the project, review/edit team time, and edit the project – without giving insight into the company information the Manager role has access to. Here’s what it looks like setting a team member as Project Manager:

product updates november

Send Manual Payment Notifications to Clients

When adding a manual payment to an Invoice, you now have the option to send the Client a payment notification. It’s a simple way to let clients know you received their payment. Here’s what it looks like in your account:

product updates november

Direct Debit Is Now Available Through SEPA

You can now enable Direct Debit on your next Invoice, and allow your customers to easily store their payment details for one-time and recurring payments. Learn how here.

Find New Employees With the Indeed Integration

If you’re looking to add a new member to your team, try the Indeed integration on FreshBooks. It allows you to create a job posting directly from your account, making it easier to manage every part of your team from one place. Check it out here.

Easily Predict Your Cash Flow With the Strapped App

The Strapped integration on FreshBooks helps forecast your cash flow so you can make more informed decisions about the future of your business. Check it out here.

FreshBooks Has Launched Australian and French Websites

In order to better serve business owners in their local language and currencies, FreshBooks has launched two new versions of our website. One for Australian business owners here, and one for French business owners here.

FreshBooks Is Here to Help

If you need help getting started with any new features, support is just a click away. Feel free to reach out and the team will give you a hand in no time.


Written by FreshBooks

Posted on November 25, 2020