New & Improved in FreshBooks: Manager Role, Sign-Up with Google and More

Always improving! These are FreshBooks' latest product updates for September 2019.


Another summer’s in the books! Although Fall has just begun, there are already many new updates to try and explore. Here’s what’s new and improved at FreshBooks this month.

Share Business Responsibilities with the New Manager Role

Have you considered hiring or promoting an employee to help share the responsibility of managing day-to-day tasks? Now with the new Manager role, you can give your right-hand person access to all the tools and non-financial reports they need to help you run your business.

Assign a Team Member as a Manager to have them help you manage Invoices, Retainers, Estimates, track time and more without seeing your financial reports. For more information on what this new role can do, check out the FAQ.

We’ve also refreshed some of the other Employee Role Names in FreshBooks:

  • Admins are now Owners
  • Business Partners are now Admins
  • Basic Employees are now Employees

Get Started on FreshBooks Using Google Sign-In

If you have a Google account and you want to sign up for FreshBooks, you’re one click away from making it happen. Google Sign-In eliminates the need for you to create FreshBooks credentials and verify your email when you create a new FreshBooks account.

Plus, with Google Sign-In, you have the option to add multi-factor authentication to your account. This enhances security and limits or revokes data access to third-party sites and apps.

For more information on how Google Sign-In works, check out the FAQ.

Save Time with These Keyboard Shortcuts

Move through your account faster with new keyboard shortcuts, or press SHIFT + ? in your account. By learning the available shortcuts, you can navigate through your FreshBooks account more quickly and efficiently.

Be Mad for Plaid… Bank Connections

Calling all UK and Irish FreshBooks users! You can now connect your bank account to FreshBooks via Plaid, which is Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) Compliant.

For more information on the importance of PSD2 to reduce fraud and make online payments more secure, check out this FAQ.

Streamline Your Expense Tracking

Based on feedback from users like you, we’ve made some recent updates to help make recording and tracking expenses more streamlined:

  • Expenses will now be listed in chronological order on the Invoice when re-billed.
  • The Expense creation date will be automatically added to the beginning of the Expense description.
  • Generate Invoice has been added to Bulk Actions for Expenses.

Sorting Your Time Entries Just Got Easier

When on the Review tab in the Time Tracking section of your FreshBooks account, you can now sort your list of time entries by Date, Project, Service, Note, Time and Status.

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