Roundup: Monthly Product Updates, June 2018

It sure has been a busy spring at FreshBooks! Here are the month’s latest improvements that you need to know.

At FreshBooks, small business owners are our number one (that’s you!) With that in mind, we’re constantly finding ways to improve and innovate FreshBooks to suit your needs today, so you can thrive tomorrow.

Here’s what’s new and improved on FreshBooks in June, as well as some late additions from last month:

June’s New Features

Late Fees & Reminders Added to FreshBooks iOS App: Without having to run home to your computer, you can add late fees & reminders to any invoice from the iOS app. This new update means you can enjoy more freedom to work anywhere and even avoid tense client conversations. [Learn More]

Mark Time as Unbilled: Several customers requested this update to either fix an admin error or have the option to bill for logged time again. This small enhancement is just another way FreshBooks helps you spend less time keeping your records organized, for tax season and beyond. [Learn More]

More Languages Added to FreshBooks: While you already know how to speak entrepreneur fluently, FreshBooks is learning new languages too – 12 to be exact. Plus, we’ve also added additional currency options to make invoicing breezy. [Learn More]

Updates to Existing Features

View Deleted and Undelete Recurring Templates: A deleted section is now available for any deleted Recurring Templates, and you can also undelete any Recurring Templates.

Accepted Estimate / Proposal Email: You will now receive an email notification when your client accepts your estimate or proposal.

freshbooks product updates: estimate accepted email

Bulk Send by Email: You can now send multiple Invoices by Email in one go.

Unbilled Time Widget: Unbilled Time widget has been added to the Dashboard so you can easily see how much unbilled time you have per client, and quickly generate invoices for the time.

Chrome Extension Updates: We’ve shipped an update to the Chrome extension that keeps users logged in until they explicitly choose to log out (similar to a mobile app). This will help retain users as daily logins are prohibitive to a smooth, quick experience. In addition, we’ve fixed a handful of bugs, some of which were significant for logging time.

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