Silver Bullets

July 14, 2006

What are Silver Bullets? Basically it goes like this…when you run a small business there will be times when you think, “If we only did this we’d become a HUGE success”…We tried this with PR.  We hired a PR company at significant cost for any small company.  While Levi and I did earn what I call our “Masters Degrees in Communications” (which is very useful by the way), the PR firm did not really deliver on any of the campaigns stated goals (i.e. increase trials of our product, build awareness about our service in the small business market).

At the time we engaged the firm, we said things like, “if only we could get an article in a national newspapers.  We’d be home free”, or something to that effect.  Basically we were hoping that media exposure would be the “Silver Bullet” that turned our success into extraordinary success.  Which brings me to the one thing you need to know about Silver Bullets: there are NO Silver Bullets.

We have since been in all three of Canada’s National Newspapers one way or another.  We did not notice any increase in trials around any of those dates.  The point is, there is NO ONE THING that is going to bring your business overnight success…instead your success will come by continuing to do a handful of things very well…so put your nose down, keep delivering great service, and the results will come.

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