Update Coming Monday Morning – Scheduled Downtime

July 14, 2006

On Monday morning we will be releasing a new version of FreshBooks to all our users. We’re excited about this release – there are some nuggets of gold in it…features and usability. You should have received an email Thursday letting you know about some scheduled downtime for the application between 6:00 AM and 8:00 AM EDT on Monday.  [Note:  if you did not the email and you are a FreshBooks user, please let us know.]

In terms of our application usability, I got a kick out of Richard Erikssons comments [at top]:

Jack Bellis reviews FreshBooks’ usability: Before reading this, I considered asking [FreshBooks] why the service’s UI didn’t match their pretty website. I’m glad I held back.”

Basically Jack (a usability expert) has 28 good things to say about our usability despite the fact that our look and feel is more spartan than some users might lack.  Function before form we say…looks like we’re executing on that.  That said. we are prettying things up with the Monday release…not reinventing the wheel, but prettying things up.

With regards to NEW FEATURES, Version 3.3 will allow you to:

Your experience when logged in as an administrator can now be customized by adding or removing tabs that you don’t use.

The organization name field will no longer be required which means those of you that have individual consumers as clients can easily set them up as FreshBooks clients.

Now you can see details of all activity on your FreshBooks account directly from your Home tab. Activities such as a client login, or invoice payment are logged and shown in detail with dates and exact times from a user friendly report on the Home tab.

With Version 3.3 you can setup automatic notifications for your clients to receive after they have made a payment on an invoice.

Our first UK based payment gateway has been added: Velocity Pay. The Canadian gateway PSiGate has been updated to handle their new XML transactions. Both of these gateways have auto-charging capabilities.

There are even more features added with this release, too many to list here. More details will be provided
in an email after the release.

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