Becoming Your Own Boss: Meet Jodi from Goldfinger Design

June 1, 2011

We recently caught up with Jodi Goldfinger, owner of Goldfinger Design & Photography, at the Broadview Espresso and compared notes on how she uses FreshBooks and how she got started being her own boss.

While it was a beautiful Toronto afternoon, the amount of car traffic made it impossible to film with any useable audio. So we improvised. Calling Jodi’s friend who lived a few blocks down, we made it out to a backyard that was currently being planted for the summer bloom. We had to get our hands dirty a little bit but we had a nice little backdrop that was a bit different from someone’s office.

Jodi was a fantastic person to interview because she pretty much just giggled the entire time. No doubt we’ll be seeing great things from her in the future.

Theresa Lee, part of the stellar FreshBooks support team, also came along and shared her perspective:

This was my first time meeting a FreshBooks customer and I was so excited. Meeting Jodi was awesome as expected 😀

We enjoyed the nice spring weather and sipped tasty hot beverages at a cozy café she recommended. While consuming the deliciousness, we chatted about her experiences with starting her own business. It’s interesting to see how customers decide to start being their own boss and how we’re helping them to achieve it.

During our chats over drinks and filming, Jodi and I found that we may be fated to meet as we had many things in common. A great deal of high-fives went on between her and I. 😉 Jodi was very friendly and open – it was terrific getting to know her.

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