Bootstrap brings quarterly tax estimates to FreshBooks

October 3, 2008

Many of our customers have wanted help to get a better grip on their business. Sure, they already use FreshBooks to manage a lot of their financial information. They just need tools to help them make sense of it.

So, today I’m happy to say you can import your FreshBooks invoices and payments into Bootstrap, thanks to their integration.

You can now import your FreshBooks invoices and payments into Bootstrap for easy tax estimates.

Bootstrap hits a sweet spot, for sure. It helps small businesses in the United States get a handle on what’s happening in their business. If you keep track of your income and expenses in Bootstrap, and you file Schedule Cs, it will calculate tax estimates to pay Uncle Sam every quarter.

My favorite feature, however, is the eye on your yearly profit that sits in the top righthand corner. It’s very addicting to update Bootstrap after a job is done just to see how much money you just made!

I predict many of you will soon become addicted to your profit meter!

Get started by signing up for a free account from Bootstrap.

Update (Feb 17, 2009): Bootstrap has changed their name to Outright.

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