Meet Jake, a Consultant, Who Transformed His 30-Minute Invoicing Task into Mere Minutes

Jake Jorgovan shares how FreshBooks helps him run his business from anywhere in the world.

jake-jorgovan-statisticsFor me, I’m driven by the freedom to turn my passion into a business—and run it from anywhere in the world. My nomadic lifestyle has taken me to places like Nashville, Denver and Montreal. Right now, stationed in beautiful Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, I own, a consultancy business I started back in 2011.

Every day, I work closely with design firms and digital marketing agencies to help them find more clients through outreach and strategy—a skill I’ve become fluent in. But while I’m passionate about consulting, my accounting chops lacked finesse.

When I first went solo, I’ll admit—I didn’t put much thought into the work required behind the scenes. After all, I was a fresh-faced business owner who was too caught up with imagining ways to grow my clientele. However, I quickly learned that invoicing and logging payments would occupy a lot of my time—at least with the tools I used.

When I Run My Business, Time is of the Essence

To get my business off the ground and running, I managed my accounting through free invoice templates I found online, and makeshift report documents on Excel. The result were two things: An unglamourous process and a not-so-attractive invoice.

To add to that, what I thought would be a simple process, actually took a lot of time. Each invoice turned into a 30-minute task and, at times, I would embarrassingly miss important details—like changing a client’s name or address.

Then, as my business started to grow, getting paid became a popular theme of discussion. More and more clients wished they could pay me using methods other than check or PayPal, which were the only methods I accepted at the time. With these factors stacked against me, the freedom I always aimed to have, started to slip away.

My Solution Came from an Unexpected Place

“Why aren’t you using FreshBooks for invoicing?” one of my clients asked. Having no idea what FreshBooks was, I looked into it. I mean, if my client was suggesting this as a way for me to run my business better, why wouldn’t I take her word for it?

That same day, I signed up for FreshBooks. And, from that day forward, I was hooked.

Finally, A Platform to Manage My Books, All in One Place

FreshBooks has been my go-to solution for a year and a half. I’ve officially closed the books on Excel and now, I manage my business and my accounting all in the cloud. Invoicing used to be a 30-minute task, but now I can log in, create an invoice and send to my clients in minutes. Getting paid is so much simpler.

With Online Payments, My Clients Can Pay Me in Many Ways

Before FreshBooks, I had to tailor each invoice according to my client’s preferred payment method. Now, I’m able to send one invoice with a number of options for my client.

While some of my clients still prefer to pay with check, others can now pay with their credit card by simply entering their information. All I have to do is log in, send the invoice and it gets paid. It’s a refreshing feeling.

With Late Payment Reminders, I Never Have to Remind Clients of an Unpaid Invoice

Previously, I always had to hound my clients for payments. Amidst all of our conversations about work, I had the awkward honor of ending our meeting with a reminder to pay their invoice.

For me, Late Payment Reminders in Freshbooks are a complete game changer. All I do is switch on the feature, and I never have to think about the uncomfortable conversation again. Since then, I haven’t had to follow up with a client about a single invoice.

With Reports, I Can Track Who has Paid and Who Hasn’t

Prior, I didn’t have a system to track my receivables and accounts paid. In some cases, I completely lost track of the number of times I invoiced a client. When that happened, I’d have to dive through archived email records and old bank statements.

With Freshbooks, there’s always a clear history of sent, paid and outstanding invoices. If I have a question about the status of a client’s invoice, I can get it answered in seconds. Whereas before, I relied on scattered spreadsheets and my memory to figure things out.

FreshBooks has Given Me the Freedom to Be a Better Business Owner

Seriously, since I started using Freshbooks, every part of my business runs smoother. The invoicing feature makes me look and feel more professional, and I spend far less time juggling administrative work.

With the flexibility FreshBooks offers through online payments, automated payment reminders and detailed reporting, I’ve been able to dedicate more time to my clients and grow my business into everything I want it to be.

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about the author

Owner, Jake Jorgovan is what one would call a “digital nomad.” The owner of—a marketing and design consulting company—Jake has taken his business to cities like Denver, Nashville, Montreal and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.