Customer Portrait: YNOT is iterating and learning as they go

December 7, 2011

Ever wonder how other FreshBooks customers run a business and do what they love? Customer portraits connect you with your fellow FreshBooks peers to share guidance and inspire.

We recently visited with Tony Mammoliti, founder of YNOT cycle, a producer of soft goods for bicycles. They’re mostly known for their handmade peddle straps, but they also offer a range of other items. They were recently featured in the cycling magazine Dandy Horse.

Tony began by making his own bicycle peddle straps, scratching his own itch by building a product he wanted, despite the fact that he did not know how to sew. Now, he, along with four others, have created a growing company (now in their 3rd workshop location), and are continuing to build products that they want to use themselves. They love what they do, which is driving them to build better products, overcome obstacles, and work smarter.

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