Maximize Your Mileage Deductions Automatically

Everlance is the #1-rated mileage and expense tracking app for both iPhone and Android and we couldn’t be more excited to be integrating with FreshBooks!


It’s no secret that tracking your business mileage can save you thousands at tax time. In fact, for freelancers who drive for business, mileage is often their single biggest deduction. Fortunately, gone are the days of having to track mileage by hand. Or worse yet: Not tracking and then guesstimating on your taxes—a big IRS no-no!

Everlance is the #1-rated mileage and expense tracking app for both iPhone and Android and we couldn’t be more excited to be integrating with FreshBooks! With Everlance, FreshBooks users can maximize deductions and streamline their workflow by automatically capturing every work mile and seeing them right within FreshBooks.

To celebrate the new Everlance + FreshBooks integration, FreshBooks users can get 2 months free of Everlance Premium when you download Everlance through FreshBooks. Given that Everlance has been named a “Best New App” by both Apple and Google, we’re confident you’re going to like how Everlance works with FreshBooks!

Whether you’re a small-business owner who’s always on the go, or a freelance designer who drives to meet clients occasionally, tracking your business mileage is a no-brainer. Every 10 miles you drive is worth $5.45. You can see how that quickly adds up. Rack up a thousand business miles each year? That’s $545 in deductions! Freelancers who spend lots of time on the road, like real estate agents, for example, easily drive 10,000 miles per year… that’s over $5,000 in deductions, just from mileage.

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How Automatic Mileage Tracking Works with Everlance + FreshBooks

The best part about using Everlance is that mileage tracking is 100% automatic. The app uses your phone’s GPS to track your trips. You don’t have to tell it to start or stop. The app will simply and quietly log all of your business trips and they’ll be ready for you to review whenever you want—whether that’s once a day, once a week, or even less often. When you open the app, all you have to is “swipe” your trips: right for business, left for personal. That’s it!

Your mileage data from Everlance then feeds into your FreshBooks dashboard seamlessly. Simply open the Everlance web dashboard, create a report, click “Send to Integrations” and enable the connection with FreshBooks. Now, when you export a report from Everlance, the mileage data will populate directly in yourFreshBooks account, under Expenses.

With this integration, your FreshBooks dashboard is even more powerful than before. It will now contain all of your business mileage, so you can easily maximize your tax deductions or bill your clients for the miles.

How Else Automatic Mileage Tracking Can Help You

The most concrete benefit of using Everlance is that you’ll have more cash after paying your taxes or billing your clients. With Everlance’s award-winning automatic mileage tracking, you’ll capture business mile, every time. While tracking by hand is prone to human error—like forgetting!—an app like Everlance will ensure that you get a tax deduction for every single one of your business drives.

On top of the financial savings, many freelancers and small-business owners love that using an automatic mileage tracking app increases their productivity by no longer wasting time writing down information about each trip in a notebook or an iPhone note. Using an automatic mileage tracker also frees up mental space, so you can focus on what really matter—like running your business, wow-ing clients, or managing your personal life.

Finally, the benefit that many people love the most is simply the peace of mind of not having to worry whether your mileage deduction will pass an audit. If you’re ever audited, you can rest easy knowing that Everlance’s mileage reports are IRS compliant.

Quick Tips for Making Everlance Do Even More Work for You

While Everlance’s mileage tracking is 100% automatic, the app also has features which can make the “swiping” or classifying trips automatic. You can add “Favorite Locations” like a client’s office, so that every time you go there the app knows to classify the drive as business. If you keep somewhat regular work hours, you can use the “Work Hours” features to automatically classify trips as business within certain times.

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Summary: Save Time, Get Peace of Mind and Improve Your Finances

When you track your mileage automatically, you’ll be impressed by the many benefits. When you combine this with FreshBooks, you’ll be amazed by how much your workflow improves, your worrying about taxes goes down, and your bank balance improves—whether by maximizing tax deductions or more easily billing clients for miles.

We couldn’t be more excited to be launching this integration with FreshBooks, and we hope you’ll enjoy the 2 months free of Everlance Premium when you download Everlance through FreshBooks.

How to Get Started with Everlance + FreshBooks

Take these steps to connect Everlance to your FreshBooks account:

  1. Download Everlance and get 2 months free of Premium!
  2. Log into the web dashboard
  3. Go to “Create Data Export”, click “Send to Integrations”, then “Add Integration”
  4. Authorize FreshBooks
  5. Make sure the FreshBooks icon is selected, then click “Generate Export”
  6. Go to “Expenses” in your FreshBooks account, and you’ll see the Everlance totals as expense lines! Magic!

Jake Cohen

Written by Jake Cohen, Head of Partnerships, Everlance

Posted on October 10, 2018