Meet Chris, Founder of Evolving Solutions, Who Uses Easy Cloud Accounting to Manage His Rapidly Growing Client Base

Chris Nadeau is a long-time FreshBooks customer who manages his growing client base using cloud accounting. Here's his story.

When I retired as a professional hockey player in 2000, I needed a plan B. I needed to explore what was next for me in my career.

I had family in the banking industry, so naturally, in my hockey afterlife, I transitioned into small business banking. This was actually a great learning experience for me to understand financial statements and how lending works.

Soon after, I realized that as I met with customers, I wanted to be on the other side of the table—I had this real desire to have my own business.

That’s when I started Evolving Solutions, a digital marketing agency with my brother—my former business partner. With his background in programming, together we built a business that specializes in web design, content writing, advertising, social media and SEO.

I’m proud to say that today, 17 years later, Evolving Solutions is a 3-person operation that manages over 200 clients.

There’s More to Business Than Making the Sale

As I developed as an entrepreneur, I learned there are so many other factors that come with running a business. You need to know how to hire people, how to work with your employees and how to develop and market your services. You also need to know how to work with partners and, of course, how to manage your books—which I had no idea how to do!

We started out as a jack of all trades and figured out the skills we wanted to master in (and the ones we didn’t). For us, bookkeeping definitely wasn’t one of our strengths.

We needed to look for a solution to help us with our bookkeeping because managing it was a complete nightmare.

Documents were saved on different computers, there was no tracking system—we really had no idea what was going on with our accounting. We managed our books in Microsoft Word, which was a fine solution when we were still working with 3–4 clients.

But as our business quickly grew, we realized we needed a better system in place.

FreshBooks Takes the Administrative Work Off My Plate

With our client base spilling just over the 200 mark, we would have never been able to manage our books effectively (or cost-effectively) without FreshBooks.

What’s more, we’ve established repeat relationships with clients. And that means more complexity in our invoicing process, and I’m so glad we have our reliable system in place.

Invoicing and Billing on Autopilot

FreshBooks’ recurring invoices and payments saves us from the manual labor. When we started out with a handful of customers, we managed invoicing on our own, and it was easy.

But as we grew, we had a couple hundred customers that we had to send invoices out to on a monthly, annual or semi-annual basis. So today if we were doing that manually, we wouldn’t be able to survive. Luckily this is all taken care of in FreshBooks.

As a Long-Time Customer, FreshBooks Will Continue to Be in My Corner

We’ve been using FreshBooks since its early days, and it continues to be one of the best decisions we’ve made. They’ve provided a helping hand throughout our business’ rapid growth, supporting the management of our clientele.

That said, I recommended FreshBooks to any type of professional service firm. If you have a small company that either invoices for a project, or you have projects or packages that you offer as a service, you definitely need to use FreshBooks!

about the author

Founder, Evolving Solutions Chris is the Founder of Evolving Solutions, a digital marketing agency based in Eastern Canada. He uses FreshBooks to help run and grow his business.