FreshBooks Case Studies: 2017 Roundup

2017, oh what a year it's been! Here's a look back at our FreshBooks case studies from this year.

As an entrepreneur, you aspire to achieve greatness for your clients. But the truth is, the world isn’t always built for you, the small business owner. You have so much on your plate from finding clients and creating great work, that there isn’t a lot of time left for the pesky (but inevitable) accounting. Luckily, this is where FreshBooks can lend a helping hand, handle the paperwork for you and watch you do the work you love to do.

Let’s take a peek at some of the wonderful FreshBooks customers we had the pleasure of getting to know a little bit better this year. Here are their stories, plus how they used FreshBooks to help run a better, stronger and faster business.

Gregory Cortez, Gregory Cortez Media

time management

Gregory is an award-winning architectural photographer based in California. 2017 marked his 4th year as a FreshBooks customer!

Gregory on How He Uses FreshBooks

“I manage 15 clients using FreshBooks and plan to expand because I have more time to focus on my clients and the growth of my business. FreshBooks has changed how I run my business and is constantly adding new features. As my business matures, it’s great to know my accounting software is maturing alongside me.” Read the full case study

Jake Jorgovan

getting paid

Running his own consultancy business, Jake works closely with design and marketing firms to help them find more clients through outreach and strategy. He’s been a FreshBooks customer for 2 years.

Jake on the Benefit of Using FreshBooks

“Since I started using Freshbooks, every part of my business runs smoother. The invoicing feature makes me look and feel more professional, and I spend far less time juggling administrative work. With the flexibility FreshBooks offers through online payments, automated payment reminders and detailed reporting, I’ve been able to dedicate more time to my clients and grow my business into everything I want it to be.” Read the full case study

Jules Webb

freelance web developer

Web development started as a passion project from Jules, but quickly flourished into her own business, branded cheekily under her own name, Jules Webb. 2017 marked her 9th year using FreshBooks.

Jules on a Better Work / Life Balance with FreshBooks

“FreshBooks has helped me stay on top of my business. I’m always telling other freelancers about the benefits of Freshbooks and how it can help them stay organized too … FreshBooks has really answered all my business needs throughout the years. I’m at a point in my career right now where I enjoy the work / life balance I created for myself, and I look forward to bringing FreshBooks with me every step of the way.” Read the full case study

Luke Cleland, Cleland Studios

photography business

Known in high school as “the guy who takes photos,” Jake transformed his hobby to a full-fledged photography business. Today, Cleland Studios focuses on commercial, interiors, weddings, couples, family and—new to his roster—panoramas. He’s been a FreshBooks customer for over a year.

Luke on Better Time Management with FreshBooks

“As a solopreneur, you’re hustling so much at the start that any free time you get is absolutely precious. The last thing you want to worry about is billing and accounting. With FreshBooks, I’ve been able to spend less time on the behind-the-scenes mechanics of my business and focus on growing my business instead—camera always at hand.” Read the full case study

Ryan McGuire, Bells Design

accounting solution

Ryan started Bells Design, a creative design studio 7 years ago to help transform brands and achieve goosebumps-worthy impressions. 2017 marked his 6th year as a FreshBooks customer.

Ryan on the Benefit of Using FreshBooks

“I’ve found that with FreshBooks, they eliminate the need of me wasting any extra time on accounting because I’m confident in their service and trust them to handle the numbers side of my business.” Read the full case study

Elizabeth David-Dembrowsky, Good Counsel Services Inc.

legal services professionals

The Founder of Good Counsel Services Inc., Elizabeth provides legal services for both nonprofit and startup companies. She’s been a FreshBooks customer for over a year.

Elizabeth on How She Uses FreshBooks

“FreshBooks goes beyond cloud accounting. It also serves as a platform to educate my student interns. Most of my students aspire to become attorneys after they graduate. So, in the real world, they’ll need to be able to explain how they spend their time. Time tracking on FreshBooks—amongst other features—can help them do just that.” Read the full case study

Danielle LeComte, SECOND + WEST

business needs

Running SECOND + WEST, Danielle works with a small team to collaborate with clients and other creative agencies to create beautiful websites and marketing assets. She’s been a FreshBooks customer for 8 years.

Danielle on the Long-Term Benefit of FreshBooks

“As a long-time FreshBooks customer, the platform has helped tremendously with the business side of things. I’m able to focus on creating, collaborating and developing amazing websites, while FreshBooks handles the invoicing and accounting.” Read the full case study

Sam White

freelance creative

Sam’s start in entrepreneurship was a rocky one. So she often shares her experience with other creative freelancers on her YouTube channel. 2017 marked her first year as a FreshBooks customer.

Sam on How She Uses FreshBooks

“I first heard about FreshBooks in a podcast advertisement (I’m a complete podcast junkie). I signed up for a trial about 6 months ago and it’s been a complete lifesaver … I can say just from using it over the past few months, I’ve saved 4–5 hours a week in paperwork and administrative tasks.” Read the full case study

Lisa Simone Richards

pr professional

Entrepreneurship was introduced to Lisa from an early age. Owning a PR business today, she focuses on a niche market in fitness, and health and wellness. 2017 marked her 3rd year as a FreshBooks customer.

Lisa Simone on How FreshBooks Helps Her Business

“With FreshBooks, the idea of taking out the *guesswork* was all I needed to hear. At the time, I was experimenting with hourly billing, flat rates and project rates. Without a better solution, I’d have to manually estimate how many hours I used, keep track of it, then multiply it by the rate per hour. At that point, it would be easier to use a plug-and-play system—and FreshBooks was that for me.” Read the full case study

Mike Calabro

client base

As a commercial and editorial photographer, Mike has worked with big-name clients in the motorsports and boating industries. He’s been a FreshBooks customer for over 6 years.

Mike on How FreshBooks Helps His Business

“Since using FreshBooks, I can proudly say I’ve successfully grown my client base from just two to now over 50 clients. While I’ve landed those clients through networking or repeat clients, FreshBooks has been the platform that’s supported me as I’ve grown.” Read the full case study

Neil Chudgar

Neil started his own consultancy agency after yearning for a career change. Today, he helps his clients talk about subjects that are difficult to talk about. He’s been a FreshBooks customer since 2014.

Neil on How FreshBooks Helps His Business Grow

“In 2015—my second year as a business owner—my revenue increased 110% over the previous year. Then, in 2016, it rose another 10%. I owe these figures to the accounting system I have in place. With FreshBooks’ help, all my projects, tasks and time are accounted for.” Read the full case study

Alexandra Sleightholm, Care of the Dog

What started as a love for animals, Alexandra formed her Toronto-based dog walking business, which she’s been running for the last 7 years. 2017 marks the 4th year as a FreshBooks customer.

Alexandra on How the FreshBooks Support Team Has Her Back

“Over the years, I’ve been able to reach out to their Support team to ask questions and give suggestions. The great thing is: My comments have been heard and acted upon. I feel like it’s been such a natural relationship and an essential tool for my business. Comparing how I ran my business back then to now, I definitely wish I found my solution sooner.” Read the full case study

Sajeel Qureshi, Computan

With his brothers and father, Sajeel manages Computan, a web development company that helps shorthanded marketing agencies with their developments needs. He’s been a FreshBooks customer since 2013.

Sajeel on Why FreshBooks Was the Perfect Fit

“The beauty about FreshBooks is that it’s kind of made for people who hate accounting. You just go in there, input your invoices in a really simple way and send them out. It’s comforting to know that after 30 years, we’ve found a sole system to do all of the grunt work for us.” Read the full case study

Erin Blaskie

digital marketing strategist

Starting her business at 21, Erin’s found a plethora of success as a digital marketing strategist, and has been a long-time FreshBooks customer.

Erin on Life Before FreshBooks

“I created invoices using templates on Microsoft Word, then sent them to my clients and had to tell them to pay me by check. To track my time, I used a desktop time tracker that I found on Google. I would use the tracker for projects, then copy and paste the time entry in a spreadsheet. Ironically enough, it was a time consuming and painful experience.” Read the full case study

Chris Nadeau, Evolving Solutions

growing client base

A retired professional hockey player, Chris transitioned into entrepreneurship after he left the rink. Today, he owns Evolving Solutions, a digital marketing agency that specializes in web design, content, advertising, social media and SEO.

Chris on How FreshBooks Supports His Business Growth

“With our client base spilling just over the 200 mark, we would have never been able to manage our books effectively (or cost-effectively) without FreshBooks. What’s more, we’ve established repeat relationships with clients. And that means more complexity in our invoicing process, and I’m so glad we have our reliable system in place.” Read the full case study

Bethany Leighty, Bethany Leighty Designs

cloud accounting mobile app

A Nashville-based web and graphic designer, Bethany works with clients to help them tell their brand stories. She’s been a FreshBooks customers since 2016.

Bethany on Using FreshBooks on the Go

“I found the perfect solution to better time management in FreshBooks. How? Through the FreshBooks mobile app! In order to meet clients, be there for my sons and take the spontaneous vacation, I needed to be able to send an invoice on the road, and not have to wait until I got back to my desk. I’m happy to say I found that in FreshBooks—a cloud accounting solution that would move with me.” Read the full case study

Kali Hawlk, Creative Advisor Marketing

cloud accounting

Kali’s been taking over the entrepreneurial world since October 2016 with her marketing firm, Creative Advisor Marketing. She’s been a FreshBooks customer since early 2017.

Kali on How FreshBooks Helps Her Business Grow

“With less [time] spent on accounting and paperwork, I’ve been able to grow my client base, as well as see increased profits! That’s not something a lot of business owners can say they’ve accomplished in their first year, so I’m grateful FreshBooks has helped enable me to do what I love—and make a living.” Read the full case study

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