FreshBooks Case Studies: 2018 Recap

As we wrap up 2018, let’s take a look at the FreshBooks case studies from this year.

Small business owners, what a year it’s been! At FreshBooks, we understand that the world isn’t always built for you, the small business owner. That’s why we strive to help you thrive, so you can continue to do what you love, day in and day out.

Let’s look back at the wonderful stories of entrepreneurship as told by our FreshBooks customers. Plus, how they each use FreshBooks to help make managing their invoicing and accounting a little bit easier.

Jamie Leigh,

jamie leigh

Jamie on Managing Tax Time Before FreshBooks

“It was so embarrassing—I used Excel spreadsheets all the time and that’s how I invoiced. It got to the point where I was so overwhelmed. I had shoeboxes full of receipts and my desk was crammed with more receipts.”

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Jennifer Tulley, Jennifer Tulley Architects


Jennifer on Using Virtual Bookkeeping in Her FreshBooks Account

“I liked that [virtual bookkeeping] was on my own time. Even more than the time, is the confidence and the feeling that I don’t have a looming issue that’s going to hit me at the end of every tax year.”

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Jeff Kisko, Designer

track time

Jeff on Regaining Time to Spend on His Business

“I felt as if I was creating time since I regained so much that had been lost to inefficient systems,” he explains. All the features were carefully considered and presented in a user-friendly format. With the level of accounting that I needed for my business, this had all the answers.”

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Trevor Howard and Bryan Bowen of Media Suite

accounting software

Trevor on Calling FreshBooks Their “First Employee

“The ‘first employee’ thing was something we said based on the level of automation FreshBooks offers. We strongly felt that the automation it provides quite literally replaces our having to hire a person for that role should it be done manually.”

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Tod Maffin, engageQ Digital

customer support

Tod on the FreshBooks Customer Support

“The fact that there was a phone number for me to call and was picked up by a human was great. The phone line literally didn’t ring on my end before someone picked it up. All of a sudden someone was there.”

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Lisa Pedersen, Lisa Pedersen Media

accounting software

Lisa on Managing the Early Days as a Mompreneur

“At the time, when I was busy with the baby or nursing while I worked, I wouldn’t necessarily think of the time or to mark it down. At the end of the month, I would think ‘oh great’—it would take me 2 hours to put together an invoice.”

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Teresa Ruiz Decker, TRD Communications

time tracking

Teresa on Adopting FreshBooks Early in Her Business

“I feel like I’m polished, know what I’m doing and have the systems in place. It does help me get clients and stand out from other people who might be bidding on the same work. When you have tools in place as an entrepreneur, it puts you in a different caliber compared to the competition.”

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Jessica McCormick, McCormick Tax Group

cash flow

Jessica’s Advice for Small Business Owners

“[Cloud accounting] is going to make your life a lot easier. I’m sure the last thing they want to do is spend time on their invoicing and accounts receivables. The more they can take off their plate the better. That’s what makes FreshBooks priceless. The amount we pay is much better compared to the amount of time I would spend doing those tasks.”

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Van Murray, Neocloud

cloud accounting solution

Van on Choosing FreshBooks Select

“Although familiarity, reputation and trust was a big part of why we chose FreshBooks, the recurring billing feature is very important to us and that’s where FreshBooks gave us the most value.”

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Lisa Munro, Merida Collective Writing Project

simple cloud accounting

Lisa on the Early Days of Entrepreneurship

“I was trying to invoice people, keep track of my invoices and send receipts all from an Excel spreadsheet and it was a huge mess. Accounting was so not on my radar. I thought I could just do what I liked and that was my business.”

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Kelly Vaughn, The Taproom Agency

Kelly on FreshBooks Beyond Accounting

“One thing I really like about FreshBooks Proposals is it’s so incredibly clean. It’s very easy to read and I’m able to use specific sections to articulate the project, plug in any images. It’s very easy to just digest that information as a customer.

My client told me one of the reasons why she decided to work with me was because my proposal was so easy to read that somebody—who had no idea what this project was for—would be able to understand what it’s all about.”

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Ana Gotter,

ana gotter

Ana on FreshBooks’ Role in Her Business

“FreshBooks definitely helps me advance the success that I already had. It makes it a lot easier to look very professional, which I like. And it elevates my business, which really gives me an edge.”

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Neil Chudgar, Communications Strategist

Neil on Tracking His Time Using FreshBooks

“I’m a consultant so I’m paid for my time. In a very direct way, being able to quantify the time I’m putting into a client’s project is how I earn my living. FreshBooks makes that part of business easy, and that’s priceless.”

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Marilyn Aston, One Leg Up Canine Company


Marilyn on Her Old Process:

“It got to the point that I was spending way too much time sitting at my desk, tracking paperwork. I didn’t spend enough time doing what I love, which is working with the dogs. I definitely outgrew the old pen and paper pretty quickly.”

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2018 Case Studies for FreshBooks Select

Cathy Thompson, Beyond the Classroom


Cathy on the Importance of the Right Tools

“Dream bigger than you think [your business] is going to be and then continue to search for the tools that you need at each stage. It’s difficult to expand at a larger level without the right systems and tools.”

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Michael Golubev, Mold Busters


Michael on the Impact of the FreshBooks Select Customer Support

“I’m still blown away when you call the toll-free number at FreshBooks and someone picks up the phone literally on the first ring. That’s what we have basically replicated.”

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Anna Luinenburg, Wellnessnews Canada, Inc.


Anna on Investing in Your Business Right

“Invest in your initial growth. Use your financing and funding to invest in a tool that is proven.”

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Ryan Spears and Adrian Joaquin, Workhaus

case-study-workhaus-scaling business

Ryan and Adrian on the Impact of FreshBooks Select on Their Growing Business

“We said, ‘why don’t we just reach out to FreshBooks and see if they’ve got a different program they can migrate us over to. That way we’ll benefit from some of those savings and continue using a platform we’re familiar with and is simple to use for everyone we work with.

We can separate P&L reports, look at the individual revenue streams and categorized expenses for each of our locations. That was a whole side to FreshBooks that we were totally unfamiliar with.”

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